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Z06 Potential Patents

As we get ready for the Z06’s debut sometime in the next year, IMO time to brush up on the 23 GM C8 patents — many of which are Z06 potentials: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...alized-patents
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Why I sold my C7 and waiting...

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  • Why I sold my C7 and waiting...

    I recently sold my 2016 Stingray Convertible to bank the money left after the loan was paid off for the new M/E that's supposed to sometime in 2019. Why keep making payments at $535.00 a month when I could be putting that in the bank adding to the money I sold the car for. I'm also thinking of waiting for the 2021 M/E for maybe better options. I remember both the C6 and C7 introduced the Z06 in the 2nd year and that seems the course I'll be taking this time around.
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    Good luck..

    i wish you good luck waiting until 2021.

    Im sure you must have a great sports car to enjoy till then although its been said absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    if i dont trade my cars in i usually sell them after i take delivery but then mine are used as daily drivers ..

    i slap snow tires on the beginning of november and summer wheels and tires in april.

    we each have our own paths


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      Originally posted by JBsC6 View Post
      we each have our own paths
      Thanks JB; those words make yours the “post of the day!”

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