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Corvette Today Podcast: Meet Corvette’s Car Racing’s Brand Manager, Laura Wontrop Klauser

When GM decided to bring all of their racing entities under one person, they picked Laura Wontrop Klauser to lead them.; In this episode of CORVETTE TODAY, your host, Steve Garrett, introduces you to Laura.  She's a Mechanical Engineer, she track races, she truly loves her job.  And she talks about bringing all of GM's racing together to share ideas and research.   Also learn about the future of Corvette Racing on this episode of the CORVETTE TODAY podcast
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Why I sold my C7 and waiting...

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  • Why I sold my C7 and waiting...

    I recently sold my 2016 Stingray Convertible to bank the money left after the loan was paid off for the new M/E that's supposed to sometime in 2019. Why keep making payments at $535.00 a month when I could be putting that in the bank adding to the money I sold the car for. I'm also thinking of waiting for the 2021 M/E for maybe better options. I remember both the C6 and C7 introduced the Z06 in the 2nd year and that seems the course I'll be taking this time around.
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    Good luck..

    i wish you good luck waiting until 2021.

    Im sure you must have a great sports car to enjoy till then although its been said absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    if i dont trade my cars in i usually sell them after i take delivery but then mine are used as daily drivers ..

    i slap snow tires on the beginning of november and summer wheels and tires in april.

    we each have our own paths


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      Originally posted by JBsC6 View Post
      we each have our own paths
      Thanks JB; those words make yours the “post of the day!”

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