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    Anyone purchase a Corvette from MacMulkin Chevrolet in Nashua, NH? Who is the Mike Furman of MacMulkin Chevrolet? Looking for a no-nonsense, knowledgeable brand specialist who has years of experience.

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    If you go to the Home page you will see the forum vendors listed toward the bottom. Mike is with Criswell
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      You misread my post. I know Mike is with Criswell and he is the probably the most knowledgeable Corvette brand ambassador in the US. I'm not buying a Corvette from Criswell so I can't use Mike's expertise. I'm asking if anyone has purchased a Corvette from MacMulkin and if they can highly recommend a brand ambassador that is as good as Mike Furman. Hence my original question: Who is the Mike Furman of MacMulkin Chevrolet?


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        No idea if he's still there as it's been several years since I bought from MacMulkin, but Tommy Thompson was fantastic to deal with. Here's his last known contact info:

        Tommy C. Thompson Jr
        Sales Specialist
        MacMulkin Chevrolet Cadillac

        3 Marmon Drive
        Nashua NH 03060
        (603) 888 1121
        [email protected]


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          For MacMulkin that would be Mark Makarewicz (Corvette Sales Manager). Honestly though their whole corvette staff is top notch. I would imagine this is why they are #2 only to Kerbeck.You can also ask to speak with Vanessa. Very professional, no nonsense and very responsive. I have my own 2020 reservation with MacMulkin as well and I can say with certainty the experience so far has been beyond excellent.
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            Thanks guys, really appreciate the contact info.


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              Of course you could buy from Mike and he could either ship to you (you would have to pay shipping) or arrange for local courtesy delivery. Local delivery, Mike Furman expertise, problem solved.

              As for me, I will be taking delivery of my car at Chriswell and making a roadtrip back home.
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                Have not been impressed with them at all. Spoke to a young man there back in Sept who said he would get me the paperwork sent over and have not heard a thing sense. Followed up with a email via their website a few weeks ago, agin crickets chirping, nothing, nada. Evidently they have all the business they need.
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                  Buying my new C7 Z06 from Mark and crew at MacMulkin could not have been simpler, easier, nor more friendly and honest. They did an outstanding job from beginning to end.
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                    Originally posted by AZ Desert Dog View Post
                    Have not been impressed with them at all. Spoke to a young man there back in Sept who said he would get me the paperwork sent over and have not heard a thing sense. Followed up with a email via their website a few weeks ago, agin crickets chirping, nothing, nada. Evidently they have all the business they need.
                    I can recommend Ron Shinault at George Weber Chevrolet, Colombia IL.<St.Louis>(forum sponsor) he’s good to work with they have allocations. That’s. Where I bought my 2014 and I went back for my 2020.
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                      Mike Furman is handling my I live in South Dakota, I will be having the car shipped out to me by private carrier.... I want to get the car fresh at home....after reading some forum comments I may fly out just to meet mike and get the run down on the car...that would be fun...looking forward to the experience of a c8!
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                        I bought my C7 at MacMulkin in Sept 2014, delivered Oct 31 2014. Because they are two hours from me, I chose to do my order in person. Aside from the fact that there was no baloney or surprises, it was a zero pressure experience, with no "document fees" or other nonsense. And it is sales tax free New Hampshire, while my car was to be registered, and taxed, in Vermont. So I got some upgrades, such as paint protective film directly through MacMulkin, but paid for it separately with no tax. As it never was included on my purchase invoice, I did not have to pay sales tax on this dealer provided upgrade.

                        And if the dealer service needed is anything more complex than an oil change, I return to the MacMulkin service department. Their service department knows Corvettes.

                        I realize we have other fine dealers and people selling Corvettes, but geography makes MacMulkin my Corvette dealer, and the only thing I have to complain about is, when they had their C8 reveal, about 4000 people showed up, which was about 3900 too many. All I saw was people's backs.


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                          I live in NH and am only about an hour away from the dealership so it's a no brainer. Plus I can't stand paying all the ridiculous administration and documentation fees most other dealers force you to pay. MacMulkin doesn't play those games. I always feel like I need a shower after an experience like that. I'll do my own oil changes which will most likely be once a year as I don't usually put more than 3-4K miles on my cars as we have a short season of only 6 months of driving. The rest of the time they are in winter hibernation, sitting on Tire Cradles, covered, with the battery maintainers humming away. My current mid engine car:

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                            It's good to live only half an hour from Mike / Criswell.
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                              Have purchased 4 Vettes from MacMulkin and my C8 Vert order was placed with them. In addition, I have purchased 5 other cars from them.

                              Could have not asked any more from a dealership. Also, no dealer doc fees or added costs.

                              BTW, service department is open 7 days a week.