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Vette withdrawal 🙄

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  • Vette withdrawal 🙄

    Just sold my C7.... barely 24hours and the withdrawal has begun... to make it worse, weather report is sunny for the week ahead! Aarrrggghhhh...

    apart from reading every single article on the interweb about the C8, hanging out here hoping for news of production start and daily bugging Chevy chat for TPW date... what else can I do to quell the withdrawal??
    SOLD!! Now - 2014 C7 2LT Grey with Kalahari Interior and NPP
    Next - 2020 C8 2LT Torch Red Z51 with Adrenaline Red interior, Mag Ride, front lift, and Q8Q Wheels TPW 3/2 but delayed due to COVID-19 😥 Finally built 6/1/2020!!! 😎 at train depot 6/29/2020.. made it to dealer on 7/22/2020. Picked up 7/25/2020. From order to delivery.. ~13 months

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    Buy a boring car and be glad that you will be getting rid of it when your C8 arrives. Congratulations on selling your C7. We sold ours last month, and totally understand withdrawal.

    Pick up a new, non-vehicle hobby that is inexpensive but fun. If you think getting into an exercise regime would be useful, go for it. Going to the gym six days a week is part of my positive time killing program.
    GBA Black; HTO Twilight/Tension interior; Z51 & Mag Ride; E60 lift; 5VM visible carbon fiber package; 5ZZ high wing; FA5 interior vis CF; ZZ3 engine appearance; 3LT; Q8T Spectra Gray Tridents; J6N Edge Red Calipers; SNG Edge Red Hashmarks; VQK Splash Guards; RCC Edge Red engine cover; VJR illuminated sill plates. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 22 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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      Just sold mine (C6) tonight, dropping it off tomorrow. At least you won't be withdrawing alone. I do have a motorcycle to help pass the time, and I think I'll paint the garage floor while the cupboard is bare, and hang C8 pictures, and read midenginecorvette forum, and...
      Shadow Gray Metallic.....2LT.....Z51.....FE4.....E60


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        YouTube is your friend during these difficult times....until you have seen every C8 video.....heck watch them again! The C8 owners manual would be great right about now too! And of course MECF...READ ON!

        Hobbies are good too...shooting range, drag strip, gym, and of course shopping for C8 merchandise on the web...Chevymall

        Where you will find this $25,000.00 1959 C1 authentic pool table! Plus s/h & installation.
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          Well, you still have alot to look forward to.
          I sold my C7 Z06. Fortunately, I have a few other options in the barn to keep me going until the C8 arrives. Hang in there!


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            Originally posted by Jericho View Post
            what else can I do to quell the withdrawal??
            Go deep into the forest with enough supplies to last you till the C8 is available. The day to day survival challenges coupled with the lack of contact with the outside world will put things in perspective. Your need to focus exclusively on your basic hierarchy of needs will quell your withdrawal. Good luck!


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              This is why you need more than 1 Vette.
              I still have my C5 Triple Black drop top that is getting me thru.
              C7 went away back in August.
              Heading to Florida for Winter and hoping for a C8 delivery when I return with the first Chirping bird in April.