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Chevy plans to go 2nd shift for all of 2020 run?

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  • Chevy plans to go 2nd shift for all of 2020 run?

    Was talking to my dealer today about where they thought the delivery dates would land with the strike sliding things out and he mentioned that GM was planning on running the Bowling Green plant with a 2nd shift to up production and/or recover lost ground on the schedule. He seemed to be implying my date has a possibility of moving up due to this.

    Has anyone else heard this or has confirmation of this being GM's strategy?


    Also - Hi all, new to the forum.
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    Seems logical. I'd be looking for ways to recoup the lost time too.
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      I too have been thinking of the TPW “push outs,” as much as three months for a few, and been thinking similarly. Specifically, GM pushed them out before they know that the UAW had even agreed to bring the proposal to its members, so rather than push them out half way to where they were estimating, and if wrong pushing them out again (disappointing us twice), might they have pushed them out further than they truly thought would be the case the strike was not settled (or as we will learn tomorrow was or was not ratified), e.g., the old “underpromise and overdeliver” process?

      I would not be surprised if in three weeks or so, we get some TPW’s that could be better than the last one. As one example, take a person whose original TPW was 12/2, got pushed out to 1/27, might it now be moved to 1/10 or 1/17? We do not know but this thought has entered my mind.

      We all know only one thing, that GM will do everything they can to produce as many top-quality C8’s as soon as they can.
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        The thing i'm stuck on is, if they run a 2nd shift, and that's an if, it'd seem to me they'd do so for as long as it'd take to get caught back up to their launch schedule and that's it.

        It seems to me, running a 2nd shift for what could be almost an entire year would take significant commitment from all parties. Seems a little out there?

        Don't get me wrong I'd love for it to be true.


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          Hillslam, the 2nd shift was announced clear back in April.

          "April 25, 2019 - The Bowling Green Corvette plant will add a second shift ahead of the mid-engine C8 production, General Motors CEO Mary Barra announced today."
          They expected a big demand and they got it.

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            Ah! Thanks. That makes sense: the production numbers and schedule already had it factored in. So this dealer saying that 2nd shift will move schedules around was just talking out his .... Yeah it didn't add up to me that they were magically going to add capacity at this stage.
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              And before the 2nd shift can be fully up to speed, all the workers transferred from other plants need to be trained. As I understand it, part of that training is shadowing a current BG assembly line worker. So for a while, all the new workers are going to be on the first shift. A true second shift won't be up and running for a while.
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                Everyone needs to remember GM can run 4 shifts lol BUT it is the Supply Chain that will have to be able to meet delivery on all of the piece parts or it is for nothing. This is where the rubber meets the road. Been there done this before on the most sophisticated production line and supply chain that exists in the military aerospace world. GM I am sure is and has been running production simulations through the i.e. SAP system if that is what they use however, until the switch is turned back on for the supply chain it is somewhat problematic.

                One thing if for certain -------- The GM Production Planning folks are working their fingers to the bone hitting keystrokes along with the GM Supply Chain are wearing out the Supplier Supply Chain looking for the supportability numbers to make the simulation come together.


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                  One has to wonder if a quality Delta will emerge between shifts. I remember way back in the by and by ordering another special car which I won't name (around the 2002 timeframe) that it later became apparent cars with a Friday vin were having statistically more problems than other build days.


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                    My dealer floated the second shift scenario to me as well