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  • Lease options?

    Not really looking for specifics but has any one heard if there will be any lease options available for the c8?

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    High demand products like the c8 will lease badly..

    better to purchase and sell ...

    your net cost will be much less than a lease...on these cars..

    i hope you dont mind my candor..

    no subvented lease deals at team corvette...too high a demand product..

    if I took a guess...we would suggest a base c8 at 60 would lease at about 36 grand for 36 months..

    thats a thousand a month...gove ir take a hundred no money down

    buying to own at the same sixty would over 3 years and selling would cost you 15 grand in depreciation in my opinion...

    as you can see even accounting for interest on a purchase loan...the 15 grand in depreciation is much less than the 36 grand in lease payments...

    even if Im off a little...the private purchase and private sale in 36 months on a base vehicle is the smarter play...

    the standard c8 meaning no options is an unbelievable value...and tje standard 1LT is not a stripper by any means..

    option over time hold zero residual value


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      Leases will be a non starter on the C8. These cars will be selling tens of thousands of dollars above list on the second hand market next spring if people decide to make a quick buck by flipping them. Over 1 to 2 years you won't lose much money at all on an LT1 Z51 with no other high dollar options.