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  • Shipping fee

    Does the shipping fee, of about $1,200, as listed at the bottom of the car’s invoice cover the cost of transportation from factory to selling dealer? Additionally, if you request the dealer to ship the car to your personal address, there is an additional shipping charge based on how many miles are required to make that final delivery. If you elect courtesy delivery and have the car shipped directly from factory to your local Chevy dealer, the invoice shipping fee covers that cost, however the receiving dealer who services and preps the car can charge you an additional service fee for the courtesy delivery.

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    Charging something to deliver to your house probably is an additional charge because it’s an extra stop and time. A special request that is more trouble for them.


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      As C7Redneck noted, GM covers delivery from BGA to a dealership. Anything beyond that would be solely between you and your dealership. I am unaware of anyone doing the latter, but that sure doesn’t mean that some dealer would not do it for some amount of money.

      A courtesy delivery, also known as a “drop ship,” happens quite frequently. GM covers the cost to the “receiving dealer”; that is known as a “Ship To Dealer,” with a specific six digit receiving dealer code needing to be placed onto the official invoice for it to occur.
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        Boy, that would be a great job for a retiree with time on his hands.....driving new C8 cars from selling dealers to the homes of customers a thousand or more miles away.


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          I was quoted $1,800-2,000 to ship from Kentucky to New Jersey front doorstep, fully enclosed carrier and one day transit time.
          As John mentioned this would be solely between the dealership and myself with a transport company they use all the time.
          I would encourage you to work with a carrier that has an established relationship with your dealer so you receive the car the way it left the dealer.
          Every situation is different so it's good to do your research.

          I would love to just drive it back but I don't want to subject the car to 800+ miles of chips and bugs before it gets some kind of PPF or Ceramic Coating.