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Is onstar standard or an option.

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  • Is onstar standard or an option.

    not a big fan of onstar so i thought id ask...

    is it standard or an option.

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    Doesnt that have a gos tracker as part of onstar...

    if you have an accident how do they send police and an ambulance to your location...?

    just guessing but wouldnt that onstar feature low the E60 option to know where to lift the vehicle through onstars gps system ?


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      The capability is standard. On the C7, you got 1 year of service free, IIRC. After that you get 4 more years of "limited" service, which includes three things: a monthly email telling you the status of key systems and maintenance items, immediate emails if they detect a problem with one of those systems, and the ability to lock and unlock your car remotely using their smartphone app. Other services, like crash reporting, police tracking, etc. are extra cost after the first year.

      If you don't want it turned on at all, tell your dealer when you order. Sometimes they'll automatically activate the free trial without asking.

      Interesting question about the E60 and OnStar. It seems pretty clear the decision to link E60 to other packages is a marketing decision, not a technical one.
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        In order for them to turn on the trial period, there is a terms of service form that you have to sign. If you don't sign it then then they shouldn't activate it. I did this on my C7 and my Silverado and never had OnStar.
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          Is OnStar worth it? That question was hotly debated on C7 forums (kind of like is MSRC worth it). As we travel in the mountains a lot, its far superior cell phone coverage is a strong plus, as I was able to make several calls using OnStar that I was unable to first make just using my phone. However, I let my subscription expire mid way through my C7 ownership.

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            Onstars ok for free...i tried the cell phone coverage and in my current corvette i would do that dialing feature...say the 10 digits and that robot ***** would always screw up the tenth drove me crazy...

            it was always occuring that way..

            i was really asking because the E60 tie in to 2LT is ****.
            Im ok with no over it...
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              Speaking of E60, it would be nice if the system not only had the user defined GPS hazards, but allowed access to a database of other C8 owner's defined hazards.

              This could be achieved with a CarPlay or Android Auto App, in a manner similar to how the Waze app is used to identify upcoming road hazards - hazards that are reported by other users. As you approach the reported hazard, you would receive a dash and/or audible warning, perhaps 1/2 mile ahead of the hazard (depending on your speed).
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