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Is anyone NOT choosing Museum Delivery?

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    Exactly, and by heading south from Nashville first on the Natchez Trace, then west, you should be fine!
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      One reason not to do Museum Delivery would be if you wanted some of the dealer installed options like the high wing. I’m not sure if they can install all the others. Rockers might take some drilling? Even if they can you would likely have to ship the parts they took off, assuming you want them.


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        Originally posted by C7Redneck View Post

        2. You are saving the cost of the dealer prep.
        If the dealer is charging you for "dealer prep" they are ripping you off. GM reimburses them the full cost of PDI.

        I think I'll spend the $1,000 on options for the car itself. If I'm going to spend on an experience, it will be the buyers tour, watching MY car get built.
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          No I wont do museum delivery. Im sure the museum delivery is elic and for those that do it. Thank you for sharing the experience.
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            Not me. I want mine del. to my dealer.


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              I am not going to do museum delivery. I completely respect and understand why a lot of people insist on doing it. However, it just isn’t for me. I am going to buy a spare set of all season tires instead.

              Also my spouse would never go with me and she would say I was nuts for paying extra to drive to Kentucky to pick the car up.

              The really great thing is that they offer it as an option. For the people who don’t want it they simply don’t need to select it. For everyone else it is offered at a fairly reasonable price. Having choices is perfect.

              To each his own.
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                I have a deposit with Mike Furman @ Chriswell - since that's a stone's throw from my home town, I plan to take delivery at his dealership and see old friends before heading south to the Sunshine State.
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