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    If you want to get a new C8 before the end of 2020 that would be the reason. Most Chevrolet dealers started taking deposits 6 months ago and longer and unless you are willing to pay over the window sticker price: like 15-20k over this will get you a car sooner rather than later. My guess is once the car is revealed in 13 days pre orders will jump drastically. So getting in now hopefully gets you a C8 in maybe April 2020.

    I hope this helps.
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      Ethical dealers establish a priority list of customers who want any Corvette for which they/we anticipate will be greater demand than supply, e.g., the C8 at first. Such dealers then submit their orders in the order that a person got on their waiting list.

      The alternative is those dealers who play games, and will accept a person jumping ahead in line if that later person might pay a couple of thousand over list price (just one example of tens of ways that some dealers do not honor the concept of people waiting in line and “no cutsies.”)

      Some dealers do not even have waiting lists, and I run away from them. Not saying they need to have one now, but they darn well better have one the minute that orders open up. If a dealer says to you that they would put you on their wait list for $1,000 and also says it is refundable until the time your order actually goes in, I personally have no any problem with that. Conversely, there are some dealers who want you to place $5,000 down, non-refundable (for some states allow deposits to be non-refundable), and I would run from those latter dealers at lightning speed.

      Personally, I have been on a waiting list for over 4 years, and my C8 might well get made the very first week of production. I wrote a $1,000 check on Feb. 1, 2015, and was happy to do that then, and am still very happy now that I did it.
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        Ok!! I just spoke with Joe Z from Kerbeck and received all the information for pre order. Wire transfer will happen Monday morning and I am beyond excited. Thank you all for your help with this process. Don and I are flying out to meet Joe in person on the 26th. Again, many thanks...Sandy