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Dealer said BTW your order will be 5K more

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  • Dealer said BTW your order will be 5K more

    When I first contacted this dealer I was told that they were selling at MSRP and I got on the list. A year later my allocation came in. The salesman informs me that the allocation will now cost me $5000 (ADM extra, the ownership doing) or I could wait longer for another allocation and maybe it would not have the additional $5000 on it, my choice. After a long pause I told him I would pay the extra.

    I feel screwed and most of the joy of getting my new vet has been zapped. Is there any recourse with GM to step in prior or after the sale to get this rectified?
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    Do you have anything in writing? I was contacted by a dealership and they said the market adjustment would not bee too much. 3-4K.

    I told them that I will not pay one single dollar above MSRP as I know they have a fine profit with the car, already.

    Them trying to squeeze the lemon even more, shows their moral. I will have nothing of that.

    I told them that on the flip side I would also be a reasonable customer when the market is a buyers market and will not squeeze them out of any profit just so they can keep selling cars like just after the bust and the financial and subsequent economical crisis in 2008👍

    I invited them to to call me back, if they were ready to strike a deal which they never did.

    What the dealership basically did wat to take advantage of you. To you let them do so? Why not share the dealerships name and with everyone you know and tell what they have done, instead. I get it has been a long wait… so it is complex
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      Man, so sorry to hear about that. This is the absolute worst kind of ADM in my opinion, and what most people believe irks GM the most as well. because of EXACTLY how you are feeling right now.

      If you look around, this happened to someone else, they complained to GM, and GM made the dealer cut them a check. If I recall correctly, that it.

      Does anyone know what thread that was?


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        Nothing you or GM can do about it with the exception of telling them as you do the deal that you will never buy another vehicle from them and will tell anyone that will listen to do the same. Also, because they make money in the service department, that you will never have any service done by them. That should cost them way more than that 5K. I don't have a problem with the 5K if that is the deal from the start but where I'm from, a mans or businesses word is his bond and if you lie to me once, you will never get the chance again.


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          A couple of people have posted elsewhere that they emailed Mary Barra's office in this situation (raising the price after a promise of MSRP) and ended up getting the ADM back from the dealer. Can't hurt to try. [email protected].

          I suppose for a glass is half full type of person, you can say "$5K is a lot less than some people are paying."

          Either way, don't let it ruin your enjoyment. It's a wonderful car, and if the MSRP were $5K higher it would still be a fantastic bargain. Don't get me wrong, I understand why you're mad, and I would be, too. But let yourself love the car anyway.
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            Well. Do you have a local small claims court? Sue. Fight. Because of your reliance on their promise , you did not enter other wait lists. On other list you could have received the car as timely and paid list. Detrimental reliance and they intended that you rely on their word. They waited until the car was built to your order and delivered? Forced to pay 5K$ more or else get on the end of a new 2 year wait list. Stinks. Make them explain it too a judge. They may well make an accommodation to your satisfaction.

            research on line.
            use the literature to dealers on that topic
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              Maybe it's just me or my optimistic side speaking. But there might be a little confusion or misunderstanding going on here involving the $5,000 due at the time the actual order is submitted to GM. Is that $5k due "for the allocation", or "Due at the time the order is submitted?" Meaning, will the $5k be applied to the purchase price of the new C8 and not a hidden ADM fee, or is it an actual extra charge above MSRP? Realizing not all dealerships may play fair, in many cases when the rubber hits the road when serious purchases involving substantial monetary commitments are involved, the strength of that transaction is determined on the monetary commitment the buyer is willing to make prior the final sale... In other words the amount of skin the buyer has in the game. Otherwise there's no incentive the buyer might back out of the deal. This is why these deposits go from refundable to none refundable once the order is submitted... Personally, I'd get a clarification on the purpose of that $5k and whether or not it would be applied to the purchase price once the sale is completed... Just my $0.02 for whatever that might be worth...


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                OP said 5K extra so I think he is saying $5000.00 over MSRP.
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                  My dealer pulled the same thing. I declined and politely told him to keep me on his list incase things change for his next allocation. He called a month later and told me he had another allocation and there was no longer a $5,000 ADM.
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                    Originally posted by meyerweb View Post
                    A couple of people have posted elsewhere that they emailed Mary Barra's office in this situation (raising the price after a promise of MSRP) and ended up getting the ADM back from the dealer. Can't hurt to try. [email protected].
                    Yes. TerryVester Do that. Basically say what you said in post one. Give them dealer etc. and all the info they need to deal with it. I think its good you went through with the transaction. Maybe you can get some relief by sending the email.

                    First post. Welcome to the forum.


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                      TerryVester, welcome to MECF. We are all sorry as to how your dealer treated you. Hopefully you have some written proof of the previous deal you were offered and accepted. And then as suggested above, you communicate to [email protected] — that that brings you fair and proper recompense (as you were originally offered). Best of luck.
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                        I got my C8 from a small local dealer at MSRP. I pointed a fellow member here to the same dealership. But they told him they no longer do MSRP, and it will be $10K over. He declined. However they did call him up a short time later when an allocation came up, and they both agreed on 2.5K over. They were both happy with the deal. Moral of the story, if you are prepared to walk away, you have a little more power.

                        I know it sucks, but only you can make this decision. Be prepared to walk away if you don't want to pay. Worst case, you will get on another list with the big 3, and wait a year. Or get lucky with another local dealership, and only wait 4-5 months.

                        Regardless if you pay the extra $5K or not, make sure to let GM know. Even if they can't or don't do anything, at least you get that dealers name on record with them that they were trying to bait and switch you. I don't think GM has a big issue with ADM, but I know they do not like it when dealerships add ADM unexpectedly to customers. They could penalize them with less allocations.
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                          Email mary barras office as suggested. Bang this guy up a little bit. maybe he will cave. The CEO of the company's office calling should be enough to shake these jerks up a little bit. Id do it ...burn them.

                          in the end a dealership can do what they want yet there can be pressure put on them to behave appropriately.

                          GM as a corporation has worked very hard to improve its reputation over the years and they have done a masterful job of motivating their dealer network.

                          Ford on the other hand is such a sh t show at the dealer level the corporate headquarters decided to divide its ice and electric vehicle network seperately in the near future. Ford dealers do not get my business based off of their previous antics.

                          GM dealerships on the other hand both in sales and service do.

                          i believe the email to marry barras office is a smart move.

                          the chinese are coming and will dump automotive products on europe and america that will make the japanese invasion of the 1970s and 1980s look like childs play. GM knows this and is smart enough to know its dealership network needs to project excellence to rise above the chinese sh-tshow coming.

                          Delivering excellence has real meaning to GM corporate.

                          thats the reason I continue to be GM faithful as often as I can. I think Ive spent 350,000 dollars on GM prodicts over the years with another 100 grand coming in 2 years (z06) . And if they produce a corvette ev cuv ill drop probably another near 100 grand...for my girl to drive

                          brand loyalty has its merit. Treating people with respect has been a GM platform.

                          I could be wrong of course yet this is how I believe the corporate goals are laid out.

                          send the email asap.



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                            Thanks for all the feedback and welcomes. This happened to me twice now, first dealer was in Northern Ohio, the sales manager got on the phone with me after my allocation came in and told me there a 20% ADM (early 2021), his salesman never told me this when I give him my deposit. I told him give me my deposit back.

                            Next dealer who is the largest vet dealer in Ohio has my order. There is no contract because they do not take deposits. My original conversation with the salesman was that they were not charging over MSRP.

                            I will craft an email to Mary Barra and see it helps.
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                              Retired lawyer here.

                              Without an actual deposit or some payment of valuable consideration, there is nothing binding a seller to its promises.
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