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C8 Delivery Time For The PNW

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  • C8 Delivery Time For The PNW

    My car will be built next week and I have been wondering what the approximate time frame is between status codes 4000 and 5000?

    I fully realize that there are many variables that might come into play. And if your car was shipped by rail, this won't apply. I am inquiring about JCT deliveries from the plant.

    BTW...I am in Oregon so I am really interested in OR and WA deliveries, though ID and MT deliveries would be interesting and may help inform.


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    JCT takes about 5 days to the PNW. Of course GM has to first officially release the car to them. As you know, we do not know if there might be any quality control holdups to slow things down. Once released, then JCT has up to ten days to remove it from the plant and get it one its way.

    Best of luck on yours being on the much quicker end of the scale.
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      Thanks John.

      I know there have been unavoidable disruptions lately, and that is very understandable. I know GarryL had some delays but that was probably due to the unavoidable disruptions, and bad weather.

      You tidbit about JCT having ten days to remove it from the plant is excellent info.

      At least we don't have to deal with a long unpredictable train ride like some here have had to deal with.