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1LT No Sale @ $85K

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  • 1LT No Sale @ $85K

    Did not meet the reserve at the Florida auction today. Car had 220 miles. Thanks to our roving reporter Keith Cornett/CorvetteBlogger.

    Click image for larger version

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    Good news for those of us hoping to upgrade at some point......I guess.
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      25 grand over msrp and the preowned vehicle didnt sell is news? ...

      sounds normal to me.

      thanks for sharing.


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        And many have resold for more, what’s the point.
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          Market has come down since I sold my Torch Red 1LT with NPP/ bright red Calipers, 192 miles (MSRP $61,800) On Ebay August 8, 2020 for $89,900. And that was to a Chevrolet dealer that had to transport the car from Florida to California, NEVER ASKED WHY?? Expecting delivery of My 3LT Red Mist/ Natural Dipped convertible in about 6 weeks. At 3300. So, I have 1 LT coupe money invested in my 3 LT Convertible. Going without for the past 6 months paid off and I'll have a 2021 with the red mist. First at Dealer for a ZO6. Probably will order same color combo as my 3 LT,


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            The 'free market' system is working just fine.... If you want something bad enough and are willing to pay for it, you can have it. Win-win for everybody involved. I don't see any problem at all.
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              I think supply is starting to catch up with demand and there are a lot of used C8s on the market based on online searches. So the need to pay "way over" MSRP is going away.


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                What was the highest bid?
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                  It's a 1LT and it's that color. There's your explanation.

                  The perceived value of a used C8 drops with time and this is no exception.

                  Day one, you can get a lot for any spec.
                  Day 60, you can get less than that and the runt of the litter ie, low spec, undesirable color, will sit longer.
                  Day 360, buyers aren't as desperate to be first with a C8 because there's 10s of thousands out there. Price drops closer to MSRP.

                  And the runt of the litter gets passed over.

                  I know that opinions vary but a 1LT is lacking compared to a 2 or 3LT. If you are scoring one at $59,995, then it can be justified but not at 3LT pricing.

                  And Smurf Blue. It's very polarizing with little to no middle ground.

                  When I first saw one I instantly hated it. When I showed a friend he instantly loved it.

                  There is no right or wrong but there are statistics. If you want to unload your C8 it is more desirable to more people if it's a popular color. A chart posted on here suggests that is red or black. Not very imaginative but not offensive to the eye of most of your potential buyers. So they sell fast.

                  Chevy knows this and charges a "tacky" fee if you select a hideous color combo on your spec sheet. They know if you back out that car's not selling. Complain about my choice of wording all you want but Chevy has quantified it in writing, albeit in more gentle terms, and therefore it is what it is.

                  By late summer 2021 I wager used C8 pricing will get little to no markup.