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We Welcome Featured Vendor “American Hydrocarbon” With 25+ Years Of Experience

Pat leads the team at American Hydrocarbon, creating superbly crafted pieces that have been on winning show cars in 27 countries. More information to come real soon, including in two new threads already.
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Corvette Today Podcast With Dr. Sean Preston, Leader Of the National Corvette Museum!

Dr. Sean Preston is the President and CEO of the National Corvette Museum.  Sean talks about the virtual NCM Bash this year (because of Covid-19), what's new at the Museum, upcoming events and how you can become a member of the National Corvette Museum. Also hear about new exhibits, the updated website development, the new virtual aspects now in place at the Museum, and Museum In Motion.  Be sure to check out this episode of CORVETTE TODAY!
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Official C8 Owners Manual, Build and Price, Visualizer, Pricing, and Ordering Information

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Not all prices remain the same

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  • Not all prices remain the same

    From the onset I've been interested in the optional Pewter wheels. They were introduced at $2695. Today, GM lists them at $3090. Looks like powder coating may be my way forward.
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    When I had my wheels powdered coated “Black Chrome” on my wife’s DD, I learned that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of powder coat colors, so PC is the option I would personally highly consider — especially as we routinely see estimates that powder coating is 8 or or more times more rock chip resistant than paint.
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      At 3,000 dollars I would definitely be powder coating. I am sure if you shop remove tires you should be able to accomplish for $500.


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        When I forst saw the pewter wheels with the zeus bronze I had no idea it was a 2700 dollar option for that second set of wheels painted pewter.

        its going to be a very special corvette enthusiast who orders those pewter wheels,

        a real collector ...

        its great and looks fabulous.

        but I go through wheels with almost every set of tires or at least I used to..

        3000 is now pushing the limit for a set of oem pewter wheels.

        i like gm to be profitable yet this tends to be going over the top with an extra 10 percent.

        GM must not want to sell a lot of pewter wheels..

        painting/powder coating is really becoming at the very least a consideration at 3 grand.

        i think thats more than our forum member Vic paid for his orange c8 aftermarket wheels. I dont remember the name of the aftermarket wheel company that supplied 20/21 inch rims.

        vic did mention the ride was a little more firm and might be air pressure related..
        Torch Red exterior/ black interior z51 FE4 1LT


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          If I remember correctly Mike Furman posted a chart a few weeks ago showing the build statistics. I was one of only 2-3 customers at that time to have ordered the pewter wheels. I honestly don’t know if it was a wise choice or not, as my car won’t be built for approximately 2 more weeks. This will be my once in a lifetime dream car and I wanted something a bit unique. It seems that may be the case, but it may be because many more were smarter than me by not spending that kind of money on OEM wheels. I just hope I really like the color combination and then I’ll live with the exorbitant price I paid. At the time I placed my order I had no idea what the aftermarket was going to produce or how much a powder coating would cost so I just took the path of least resistance, so to speak.
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            Kopbet, don't worry about it and just enjoy your car when you get it. It's your dream car so enjoy it. I'm sure they will look great.