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Cancelled My Order Today! :(

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    Our prays are with you, wishing you all of the best and a quick recovery. Don't forget us.



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      Best wishes and prayers for a full and speedy recovery !!!


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        You're doing the right thing for you.

        Your health should come first, second and last.

        Without your health, you can't do the things you need to do or like to do.
        Placed deposit on my 2021 HTC on June 18 2020, deciding on either Red Mist or Silver Flare 2LT, when I can actually see it
        Current 1999 Magnetic Red C5 Z51


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          My prayers are with you nitrobrother. Cars will always be available for you to enjoy. Best of luck on your surgeries. πŸ™


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            That must have been a tough decision given how long you've been anticipating your C8, but I'm sure it's the right one. Sports cars will always be there, regaining your health is more important. And hey, if you re-enter the Vette market in a couple of years, think about all the improvements they will have made by then, both big and small. No more gouged door panels!

            Take care and speedy recovery.


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              Btw the M6 convertible is a smoking hot ride as well. Post up photos if you get the urge..

              my smoking hot trainer over at lifetime had a black M6 convertible ...she was a cool chick, a good trainer and had she had a nice rack...I mean ride..

              you have the v10 or the even more powerful twin turbo v8..

              i drove hers it was a fun ride.

              get well soon and still share on that M6 too...


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                Wishing you good health and a quick recovery.
                2021 Red Mist Tintcoat, convertible


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                  OP, I hope you're doing better. I, too, cancelled my order, but not for health reasons. I just couldn't see paying the $85K to $90K that it was going to cost for the way I had it configured. Nicely optioned, but it's just the Stingray trim, not Z06 or at least Grand Sport. I've decided to look at some of the C8 competition, as well as wait until C8's start showing up on the used market.


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                    Hopes and prayers with you. Keep your chin up.


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                      So a couple of head-scratching updates:

                      Last Friday I got a call from Dave Salvatore at Kerbeck letting me know that my car had finally been built! I had to explain all over again that on May 15 I had sent them a notice that I was cancelling my order - did you get it? - yes I did - did you get the follow-up on May 20? - yes I did - did you send any response - no, I don't believe we did - is there anything else that I need to give you/tell you/implore you to convince you that I cannot fulfill the order? - no, we'll contact the museum to have the car shipped to us here in NJ. Great, ordeal over and I can concentrate on the rest of life. I have to say that while some have had really good experiences with Kerbeck, the people I dealt with were non-communicative, difficult to contact, and consistently failed at following up.

                      So yesterday I get a call from Shane at the museum letting me know that they had my car and wanted to set up a time for me to come and get it... 😳 "Well, Shane, on May 15 I sent..." Good job, Kerbeck!

                      Meanwhile, I saw a Rapid Blue Z51 on the way to the doc yesterday... 😭

                      (Oh, and for JB: My M6 is the twin-turbo V8 with a Dinan tune, it's putting out a little over 600, definitely a sweet ride but, oh that turbo lag!)
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                        Take care my friend and I hope all goes well.


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                          In my prayers! Get well soon!!!!!! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ