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Production Rate?

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  • Production Rate?

    FWIW, looking at the Kerbeck listing it looks like VIN's for the first three weeks ended or will end at about 300, 750 & 1200. Suggests production of about 300 the first week and 450 for the next two weeks. 300 a week is 60 a day or 7.5 an hour for the first shift. That would leave 150 a week for the second shift or about half the rate of the first shift. Those both seem reasonable.

    Total for the two shifts at the full(?) production rate of 11.6 would be 928 a week, so they appear to be running at about 1/2 capacity. First shift is running about 2/3rd speed and the second shift is running about 1/3rd speed.

    I don't know if this really means anything but they do seem to be starting slow - which is good.
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    My vin is 569 and as of today 2/12 has not been built yet


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      Originally posted by Mr Happy View Post
      My vin is 569 and as of today 2/12 has not been built yet
      Using the info above it should be the 89th of 90 cars produced today - i.e. at the end of the second shift. Things aren't really that clean but using that info I would guess it will be built today or tomorrow.

      The analysis is not really that precise, in the OP I was just trying to get a feel for how things were running.


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        Thanks DaveM the posts with vin numbers just don't jive and its getting hard to contact concierge...


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          I have a TPW of 02/24 but in my minds I would mot expect the car until sometimes in late April which is fine with me!
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