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Need A Voice Of Reason!!

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  • Need A Voice Of Reason!!

    Need a Voice of Reason!! Yes for a topic BEATEN to death ... But order is likely being picked up this month and have to decide!

    Ok so I was completely content on getting my Rapid Blue 1LT Convertible without Z51.

    Quick summary of thoughts;

    1. Not tracking

    2. Convertible pushed my budget of extras further down.

    3. I liked the pictures of the RB Vert without the spoiler much better.

    4. I wanted the A/S tires due to living in NY.

    5. I don't know that I will truly see a difference in the driving experience of Z51 vs Non-Z51.

    Now, my thoughts are suddenly changing (not because I think I need Z51 or will even notice it) but I do not want to chance having any regrets.

    First, when it comes to resale. It seems 90% of the forums/groups are pushing the "importance" of Z51 and Mag ride .. So that tells me when future buyers look to buy a used C8, they will be asking the same questions and will be receiving the same input. So by not having a Z51 w/Mag ride, it would eliminate a large part of prospective buyers when I decide to trade up.

    Secondly, from research, it seems as if Z51 holds its value pretty well in comparison to packages such as 2lt and 3lt. So it really wouldn't cost that much more in the long run. Also since I'm already budgeted for NPP, it really is only costing me another $5700 for Z51/FE4.

    Third, sometimes I do get an urge to drive a little hard and I want to make sure I have the confidence that I am glued to the road. Is that something I would significantly notice a difference with Z51/FE4 vs bare bones? I don't know anyone could answer that at this point.

    Lastly, and the dumbest reason is the first time I have to hear from someone, "BuT It'S nOt a Z51 ThOuGh". Lol

    Anyone want to throw in their opinions?

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    IMHO, I would get the Z51 and Mag, and I would recommend that you check out the local car clubs and sign up for a High Performance Driving Event. As an example I'm an instructor with the NW Audi club, we do a 2 day driving school that will teach you how to get the most out of your car and avoid accidents, the second day gets you out on the track at whatever speed you are comfortable at.

    A lot of clubs do this type of event and don't care what you drive. Even if you just do it once you are investing in the biggest safety and performance upgrade that you can; yourself. My wife loved taking the course and proved to be a pretty good student and driver.

    While I think it will help with resale, it'll be nice to be able to soften up the suspension for road trips too. If money isn't a restriction; I would recommend that you add the two options.

    In either case I'm sure you'll love driving the car.

    Cheers, David


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      I'm not getting the z51 package, and not worried about resale value ,get what you are comfortable with . I spent my money on a 2LT, exhaust, front lift, bright silver trident wheels and high wing. I like where I put my money . As important as the Z51 package may be to someone, all the stuff that comes with the 2LT Will be as important to another. No need to second guess, No matter what way you go it will be awesome. Congratulations on your new c8


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        I am getting the Z51 but based on your priorities Jljordann922, you will be absolutely fine with the standard car. In decades of Corvette driving I have never on a public street gotten above .95G in my spirited driving. The entry C8 does .99G. It has excellent performance, handling, braking and every other parameter. The entry car is also IMO better looking with out the Z51 spoiler (I similarly feel/felt the entry C7 better looking than any of the Z51+ models — and again I choose a Z06).

        As the HTC has your attention, go for it! Your entry C8 driving experience will be exciting every time you get behind the wheel.
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          I went through the same thought process and ended up Z51/FE4 with the full knowledge that the next owner will enjoy what I am paying for.

          For my first Corvette I want the ultimate Corvette experience, including the fourth generation of magnetic dampers.

          Being able to change the ride from Tour to Track on a moment's notice is a technological wonder and worth every penny to me.


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            The car I ordered is basically loaded except for carbon fiber ....the cosmetic options in my opinion are not as much a value as mechanical options....pretty hard to add mechanical later, but you can always add cosmetic anytime...
            3lt racing stripe,front lift.mag ride, z51,cf mirrors & spoiler,bright trident wheels,yellow calipers, yellow stitching black leather ,yellow belts,


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              The dealer recommended it and said it will really make for a smoother ride on longer trips. I ordered it. For someone who will have payments the additional amount over a few years will probably be insignificant. Every time I have bought something, from a motorcycle to a camera, if I didn't get it loaded up I always wished I had. I didn't make that mistake when I ordered the C8.


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                I've been debating adding the FE4 suspension to my build also and based on your post I'd say skip the Z51 Mag ride. I've read every post on the subject and feel very confident that the base suspension will be a great combination. I used to race for years and keep playing with the idea and am 95% on base if there is extra in the budget get the features you want, myself it is 2LT.
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                  Jljordann922, if you are like me, I often over-analyze and over-engineer the pre-purchase process. Cars are the worst. But this time is different. After a purchase like this one - there will be no wrong decision.

                  Everyone will want to know about the car that you are driving - ask what it is - how fast it goes - take pictures of it - catch up to you to get a closer look in traffic - and wonder who that lucky guy is driving it.

                  Whatever you decide, you will be driving the car that defines the American dream... realized.

                  Have fun! You won't be wrong.

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                    Originally posted by PACARGUY View Post
                    Jljordann922, if you are like me, I often over-analyze and over-engineer the pre-purchase process. Cars are the worst. But this time is different. After a purchase like this one - there will be no wrong decision.

                    Everyone will want to know about the car that you are driving - ask what it is - how fast it goes - take pictures of it - catch up to you to get a closer look in traffic - and wonder who that lucky guy is driving it.

                    Whatever you decide, you will be driving the car that defines the American dream... realized.

                    Have fun! You won't be wrong.
                    I couldn't agree more , an American dream !

                    A thought if I might ...


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                      The last couple of Corvettes we bought had the Z51 but NOT Magnetic Ride. This one will have both as well as a load of other options.

                      Here's my advice..... Take the options you are considering (and I strongly recommend the 3LT interior) and add up the cost. Divide that number by 2 because conservatively, you'll recover 50% when you sell or trade it. Divide the number you have now, by the number of DAYS you intend to own/keep the car..... ie: 365 X 4 years for example.

                      That's how much it will cost you every day for the options that you will be able to enjoy every time you get in the car! If you can't afford $5 or 6 bucks a day, you might consider a Camero or something else.

                      By the way, the 3LT is, in my opinion, really worth the 'per day' cost of ownership. Believe me, I can tell the difference when I get in it compared to some of my friends' cars with the 2LT trim.
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                        But the car YOU want and like, not the car that the next owner might (or might not) want. Most of the people pushing a choice "for resale" have no data to back up their assertions.

                        My choice will be a 2LT HTC without Z51. For street use, and even an occasional fun day at the track, it will be more than enough fun and performance. I've had my base model C7 on a track three times, and it's handled it fine. No overheating, no brake fade, no problems. And the C8 promises to be even better.

                        Some people have no budgets to worry about. But for many of us, the extra cost of Z51 + FE4 matters, and for street use provides little benefit. If your budget is unlimited, He!!, get a 3LT with everything. OTOH, think of the money you will be able to spend having fun in your C8 with the money you save not buying things you know you don't need.
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                          “Also since I'm already budgeted for NPP, it really is only costing me another $5700 for Z51/FE4.”

                          That is true, not much more. Also not sure of any options you have chosen, but could some of those be added down the road. Certain options are definitely more important to get when ordering a new vehicle rather than trying to add them after you have the vehicle. Others you can easily add at a later time, but for some options there are no do overs without it being more expensive.

                          I noticed you had a 2015 C7 Z06 previously, so you have experienced the mag ride and it changing between driving modes. My first Vette was a C7 Z51, now I have a C7 Z06. While the Z51 was in for service I got a loaner, a C7 Stingray 3LT but no Z51 with mag ride. There was quite a bit of difference in how the loaner and my Z51 with mag ride felt while driving. The loaner was not as tight feeling and more of a floaty feel. Not to say or take away from the great handling of the Stingray without Z51 and mag ride, but I definitely by far preferred the experience with them. It was what I was used to and the feeling I prefer when driving a Corvette. Changing the drive mode and the suspension changing with it, to match everything else that changes with it, is a big deal for me. You get the best of all in one...touring/traveling, sportier/back road driving, tracking/competitive driving! Cannot wait to experience the mag ride 4.0!

                          Having said all of that, when ordering my Corvette I would never add or remove an option I wanted or did not want, in consideration of resale value.
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                            I would not take resale into account unless you plan to sell the car within 2 years. The car depreciates. No option has a proven record of not depreciating. In 4 years, a z51 car may sell for more than a non-z51. But it won't sell for $5k more. Maybe it commands a premium of $2k or $3k at the most.

                            It sounds like you'll be happy without it. If you get it, you'll also need a second set of tires or park the car in the winter. I'd suggest as a true street cruiser, you might get more daily benefit from getting a 2LT than the 1LT. If you need A/S tires, you'll probably enjoy butt warmers and the heated wheel when dropping the top on a cool day.
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                              Obviously you have to be comfortable with your financial decisions. My honest thought is to definitely go Z51 at least. Extra Braking alone is worth the price of admission let alone an extra radiator for cooling. Something you would not want to tackle yourself later. My 2cents.
                              Rocket City Florida