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Jan 16 Orders Acceptance

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    Originally posted by CSTEERS1 View Post
    Thanks jackfrostpdx...!! I'd be willing to pay a small fee if Hendrick's is willing to do it.
    The GM dealer search is your friend. Here are some potential courtesy dealers near Scottsdale. Note: In my experience just because a dealer is listed a accepting courtesy delivery, it doesn't mean they will provide this service for Corvettes.


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      Originally posted by DavidM View Post
      Congrats. I am with a small dealer also and dealing with them has been a little frustrating, just like dealing with GM has been frustrating for them also. GM even upped their total 2020 allocation from 6 to 10 cars but they haven't been able to place a single order yet.
      I had to get my dealer to choose the "Sold" option as opposed to the "Stock" option so that he could enter an order. I thought he would have known that but maybe he has never come across it? You could check with your dealer just in case he is doing the same.

      It is shown on the Order Detail form under the "Order Type SRE - Retail Sold".
      I should also mention it is at a Canadian dealer -- should be the same in the states I would think.
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        So on the GM work bench does the Number for the column (In Sys Plcd) represent the total number the dealer has placed for the January Consensus???
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          Spoke with Ron Shinault of George Weber Chevrolet,Columbia IL., one of our outstanding forum dealers (C8 allocations still available) yesterday and we
          confirmed my GM Orderworkbench order and it’s all good and will be aligned with the dealer allocation today!!
          its expected to go to 2000 within a few days.
          FYI: I placed my deposit mid-July and initially was 7 of 8 of the guaranteed early allocations. Moved up to 6 overall on Ron’s list at first consensus. Ron has been great at keeping me updated when things moved. Today I’m #1 on the list and hopefully will have a TPW shortly.......👍

          Ron called this morning!!

          Status change 2000 !

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          2000 status 😊👍
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            Congrats. It would be great to have a dealer communicate with you.


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              David, I share you sentiments. The more time I spend on this site the more determined I am to work with and buy from the sponsors on the site. Like you, I wish I had ordered through a dealer who is a sponsor. If the dealer with whom I placed my original order and MacMulkin, with whom I placed a backup, are remotely close I will cancel on my local dealer and go with MacMulkin. Sorry, but it is really easy to send me an email, text or call and let me know where I stand about every two weeks. Unless they let me know what is going on, I think I am being manipulated. Silence breeds paranoia...
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                GOOD NEWS for those of us waiting for the VERT. Orders are being accepted by GM today for the VERT. My dealer has 7 cars this consensus, and convertibles are filling 6 of the 7 slots. I am #1. Finally, light at the end of the tunnel.


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                  Thanks Vetter. CONGRATs on your being # 1! We can all see you smiling.
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                    Finally!! Corvette concierge emailed me that I’m at 2000. 3000 in a few days and tpw shortly thereafter. They have been great!!! Order was placed on 7/28/19, and I was the 28 on the list of allocation.


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                      I find it interesting that many learn about their order progress through Corvette Concierge, rather than the dealership where they are buying. I am guessing the great majority of dealerships are horrible about communication once the deposit is made. I see that in many posts, and also see the amazing service every single person seems to get from the large dealerships like MacMulkin and Kerbeck. These dealerships and a handful of others really "get it."


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                        I was really nice to a concierge personnel in a previous communication, and she stated that I can email her for status. She has since kept an eye out for my status change and provided me with an update today. For the dealer I have to email, wait a day or so for the sales person to get back to me.


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                          Mark at MacMulkin emailed me yesterday with a direct phone number to his phone to advise me that my order will be placed today, and to make sure I had everything I wanted.
                          Got a email today from Vanessa with the workbench to review for approval.
                          Have been in constant contact with Vanessa throughout the whole process with rapid answers and responses.
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                            To be fair my sales guy called me about three hours later.


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                              My salesperson has never called that he wasn't returning my call and it usually takes several calls to get the return call. I guess I am spoiled by the dealerships I have dealt with in the past.


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                                Just got word that I went to order status 2000 twenty minutes after my dealer got to work in the morning,

                                Not sure if that will help get me an earlier TPW but it certainly won't hurt.

                                Today was a good day.