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CORVETTE TODAY #121 - Corvette News & Headlines, Mid August 2022

The world of Corvette is really heating up with the release of pricing for the C8 Z06. Your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett and Keith Cornett from CorvetteBlogger are back with the most current Corvette news and headlines.;
Here are a few of the topics discussed in this week’s show….
1.Chevrolet offering C8 Z06 buyers $5,000 in rewards for not “flipping” their car
2.GM limits the warranty transferability of the C8 Z06 to people who flip their cars
3.The C8 Z06 Order Guide is now available for download
4.FBI raids a Chinese-owned company that makes aluminum wheels for GM
5.Spring Mountain is back open after a flash flood covered the track with sand & debris
6.Our "Corvette Insider" Manny Katakis is back with insider information!
7.Lingenfelter introduces high performance CAI for the C8
8.The first 35th Anniversary Callaway C8 arrives at Ciocca Chevrolet
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Find out your C8’s Order Status by asking!

Information provided to MidEngineCorvetteForum members, and with great thanks to Corvette Ed for answering your inquiry requests in our sticky’d “The C8 Order Inquiry Status Thread” in our “Purchasing Section.”https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...inquiry-thread
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2023 Corvette Info Including SR Pricing, SR 2023 Visualizer, 70th Anniversary SR/Z06 Press Release; The C8 Z06 Press Release, Order Guide & Its Visualizer Link

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Hello from New Mexico

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  • Hello from New Mexico

    Hello to everyone on this forum. I wanted to join what appears to be a very thoughtful group.

    I can't say I will be able to buy a new ME, but am very interested in learning about it as it is revealed. I have liked cars since I was a little boy, and loved Corvettes since I was 16 in 1959.

    At that time, Moorpark, CA was a small farm town of 1500 people, with a single Main Street, and a drive in hamburger joint in the middle of it. It was a summer evening and I was hanging out with friends when a couple of "older guys" pulled in with a new fuel injected Vette. We started talking to them about the car and it turned out they were Airmen from the nearby base in Camarillo. As they backed out onto the main street to leave, we all said: "burn some rubber." The driver replied: "this thing can't hardly do it." Then he proceeded to do just that, the entire length of the block in front of the burger stand. We were in shock, and simultaneously all yelled: "I gotta get one of those!"

    Needless to say, by the time I was 19, I managed to foolishly finance my way into a year old 62 "fuelly." I only managed to hang on to it for nine months as it was causing me to become bankrupt. But, I got one!

    Several years later I was able to buy a used '67 Stingray coupe for $1,600. That car was ahead of it's time, as it was a luxury cruiser. It had factory AC, PS, PB, base 300hp 327 engine, and Powerglide transmission. It was Milano Maroon with a black interior. I really liked that car, but couldn't keep it running right because it suffered from a chronic carburetor heat soak problem that I didn't have the diagnostic skills to detect at the time. One night, when I was on the fence about keeping the car, a guy knocked on my door and wanted to buy the car for his wife. She wanted an automatic, which was hard to find. He had $2,300 cash in his hand as a persuader. So, I caved and the car was gone that night.

    I was Vetteless until 2007 when I was able to buy a mint 2002 C5 with only 12,000 miles from a good friend who bought it new. It was exactly the car I would have ordered if I could have afforded a new one. It now has 136,000 miles on it and is no longer mint, but it still lookes pretty good. I get frequent compliments on it.

    As you can probably surmise, my Vette is not a recreational vehicle. I don't race, show, tour, or hang out with it. I daily drive it, and especially like long distance endurance driving. To me, a good day is 900 miles in 15 hours. If I need to be somewhere far away, why not drive a Vette, instead of tortureing yourself on a flight, or driving a boat like my wife's Jeep or my Ram.

    I didn't mean to write a book, but wanted to start a dialogue about how people use their Corvette. I feel that the group of owners who actually utilize their cars, are under represented on forums, and subject to mockery about valuing features like storage space, fuel mileage and resulting range.

    So again, I feel honored to be part of this group. Victor
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    Thank you AbqVic for sharing your very intersting backstory. I can imagine that one block long burnout — still etched in your mind and mine now too. How fun!

    Thanks for joining us!!!
    Z06 coming late this summer: Hypersonic Gray HTC, two tone blue interior, complete high wing/aero package. CCB’s, with every piece of visible carbon fiber available to us. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 24 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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      Great story, welcome to the forum !
      2022 LT2 Elkhart Lake Blue…. A thought if I might ..


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        Welcome to MECF!
        Rapid Blue 3LT, HTC, Z51, HTO, D84, E60, FE4, J6F, ZYC, 5ZZ and 5W8.
        Built 11/19/2020
        Officially Ours: 11/27/2020


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          Great story and great success on your various Vette's! My current 2017 only has 16,000 miles on it but like you, I say drive the heck out of it. Glad to hear your story and your interest in driving or cars vs just visually lusting after them. Or admiring them too. Hoping to hear from more on 'this topic.
          2017 TR GS 2LT


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            Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a great corvette. Who knows when any of us will get our next corvette yet its fun to see and hear about the direction of the brand...

            none of us know when lady luck will shine upon each of us.

            could be at launch next fall, could be a year later, could be a few years after that ...but either way we will know what options we just have to have.

            the upset on the exotic car market should be entertaining as well.


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              Thank you all for welcoming me to this very Interesting site. Vic