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MidEngineCorvetteForum (MECF) Site Standards, Rules and Guidelines

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  • MidEngineCorvetteForum (MECF) Site Standards, Rules and Guidelines


    We believe you will find the MidEngineCorvetteForum fun and useful to you, whether you are interested in the 2020+ mid-engine (ME) Corvette or a front-engine (FE) Corvette.

    Please treat others as you wished to be treated. All posts shall be respectful and polite —especially when we disagree with another’s opinion. . Sometimes not responding to something is a prudent way to address something you feel strongly about. Contrary opinions are welcome if they are expressed using the same language you would to a friend, e.g., tactfully.

    We are a friendly forum where questions are welcomed; we are here to help each other; and here to share our Corvette knowledge and experiences. As a group of Corvette enthusiasts, we gather to learn more about the upcoming, mid-engine (ME) Corvette, and at the same time recognize the beauty and performance of many members’ current C7’s. We thus have a separate section for “Compelling C7’s” — and another section for those who have and love their C1-C6’s.

    We are primarily a Corvette focused forum, though wander to discuss other wheeled vehicles too.

    The forum will be best enjoyed if members choose to introduce themselves. Please consider doing so here.

    This is a privately owned forum. It is led by the expertise and special knowledge of the Administrators (Admins), SuperModerators (Mods) and our Resident Photographer. These individuals are collectively known as the MidEngineCorvetteForum (MECF) Administrative Team (or Team). The forum is formally called the, LLC.

    MECF owners are not responsible for any user-generated content. Although the administrators and moderators of the MidEngineCorvetteForum will attempt to keep all objectionable or prohibited messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the poster/author, and neither the owners of the MidEngineCorvetteForum, nor vBulletin Solutions forum software will be held responsible for the content nor the legality of any message/material or other items posted.

    By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, disrespectful, or otherwise violate of any forum’s guidelines, standards, and rules.

    The owners of the MidEngineCorvetteForum reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason.

    Content submitted express the views of its author only, and/or their source quoted material. All views expressed by members are solely the opinions of the individual author, and do not represent the opinions of MECF or its operators. Forum moderators are not employees of MECF.

    The Admin Team shall do everything possible to insure that all members, guests and vendors are treated with respect. To accomplish this, these forum guidelines, standards and rules have been adopted. At the same time, it is impossible for MECF or its representatives to read every single post, so occasionally a post will remain on the forum for a while, might not ever be noticed. However, posts being earlier made and staying on the forum for any amount of time are not considered a precedent unless their content is completely consistent with our forum rules. Consequently every member of this forum is personally responsible for insuring that every one of their posts complies with this standard and with all of the following:


    1) Membership is a privilege accorded in accordance with all of the following standards. However, membership, once accorded, is revocable if these rules/guidelines are egregiously violated. While revocation is the opposite of our goal, all need to know the parameters of how we operate.

    2) Administrators and Moderators solely determine what content is consistent with our standards of conduct. Rules and guidelines may be adjusted without prior notice.

    3) When a member needs assistance in complying with these standards, as time allows, the Team will help educate a member as to what changes in a thread, post, presentation style and/or other action(s) need to occur. We do not play “gotcha” if a rule/guideline is not met, but instead focus on what subsequent, changed actions would result in that member’s future compliance with these rules/standards.

    Exception: All who engage in posting spam shall be permanently banned without warning.

    Please, when in doubt, in advance, send an inquiring private message to a forum Administrator or Moderator.

    Violations of these rules shall result in editing of posted material, infractions being issued, and/or the member being temporarily or permanently banned from the forum — again solely at the Team’s discretion.

    However, that last consequence is the extreme, for again we wish instead to be helpful. We desire to assist in creating a fun and constructive environment. That is achieved by all posts being helpful and respectful.

    4. This forum cares about all individuals. Assume when you are posting, that it will often be read by a person whose values and beliefs could be different than yours. Therefore, do not post content in threads, avatars, and signatures that you would not want your children, grandchildren, mother, wife or significant other to see.

    No discussion of political or religious issues, nor commentary about society’s social issues nor about societal organizations is allowed on this forum. Content that is racist, sexist, obscene, x-rated, or objectionable will not be tolerated. Foul language is prohibited; that includes the gamesmanship of leaving certain letters out, adding spaces or using similar ways to “disguise” those words (such as using a “$” as a substitute for an “S”), and similar. Swearing is obviously also prohibited, as is using language that is offensive.

    ​​​​​All of these determinations are made solely by the Administrative Team.

    All posts violating this rule will be deleted without notice, with potential additional consequences.

    These standards apply to not just the posted words, but equally to PM’s, pictures and videos.

    5. Do not violate a person's privacy by posting information that is private and personal without prior written permission. Again, this also applies to private messages. No one may share the content of a private message with another person without the sender’s written permission.

    6. Personal attacks on others, such as belittling, calling of names and/or any other pejorative language or pictures will not be tolerated. While differing and/or opposite opinions are valued, they are valued only when they are tactfully expressed. Trolling the forum is not allowed, where trolling is the practice of constantly, repetitively and consistently finding fault in Corvettes, their components, and/or GM. Sarcasm is not welcomed, nor is arcastic attacks on other and/or their opinions.

    7. Multiple “same content” posts and threads are not desirable; similarly do not post similar or identical threads in different parts of the forum. Threads created in the wrong section are subject to being moved or deleted without advance notice. Threads posted in multiple forum sections (duplicate threads/“cross posting”), are subject to being moved to the correct forum or deleted — again without prior notice.

    8. Do not advertise nor promote your personal websites, domains, businesses, or services in any part of the forum. The only way a member or company is allowed to advertise on this site is if they are a forum vendor, owner or Resident Photographer.

    Exception to this rule and the one below, a YouTube channel name may be used as a forum name as long that channel’s videos are primarily car related AND, that that their language and content is consistent with our forum being a “family friendly” one.

    9. Your forum name may not include any part of a business name unless you are a forum sponsoring vendor or owner. Please contact an Administrator if you wish to become a Supporting Vendor.

    10. Every member shall have one forum name. Violation of this rule by creating multiple forum names/accounts will result in the member’s termination.

    11. Do not post URL links to any product or service that is offered by a forum vendor. Exception: If the product or service you wish to link is one that you know is not offered by a forum supporting vendor, you may post that link. Examples of the latter could include tools, common products like duct/electrical tape, motor oil, and/or providers of specialized upgrade, maintenance or repair services.

    Prohibited example of a non MECF vendor. “” (which takes one to that non-vendor’s site.

    12. Re other forums, URL linking another “” name, or promoting other Corvette related forums in your threads, posts, signature or avatar is not permitted. You may however mention another forum site’s name if you are thanking/crediting that other forum as the source of info/pictures you brought over to MECF. In summary, mentioning another forum’s name is fine when importing info/pics, but a specific link or a post “” itself is not.

    You are also permitted to place links to your personal non-car forum, non-competing blogs, FB, Twitter, and similar non-advertising accounts.

    13. If a member of the Admin/Mod Team edits or removes any part of any thread, post, signature or avatar, the member shall not re-insert that change/deletion.

    Conversely, sometimes to add content to a forum an Admin or a Moderator will add something into a post for a specific reason, such as adding a picture to a special, high quality thread to create a “featured forum slider” thread; if so the member shall not remove the picture. The reason is that a featured slider needs a picture within it.

    14. Users may disagree with the decisions/actions of the Admin/Mod Team; however, disagreement with and criticism of that Admin/Mod Team are not to be aired within the public forum. Instead PM contact that person directly. Any attacks toward and/or abuse towards our Administrator or Moderators shall result in immediate suspension of your account, and may result in a permanent ban.

    Similarly, if you are having an issue with the forum, please express that directly via a private message to a member of the Admin/Mod team. Do not publicly criticize the forum for an issue you are having — for candidly almost all such issues such as issues with posting pictures, attachments, signing on, passwords retention, are traced to an issue with that member’s own computer/browser (not a forum issue). Mostly importantly, if you are having an issue, the Admin/Mod team will help you track it down and fix it when you express it to them via a private message.

    15. We are polite to other forum members. Enthusiastic, but differing opinions are always HIGHLY VALUED — as long as everyone is respectful to the person they are disagreeing with.

    Report posts that are abusive rather than quoting them and responding to them. Report it by clicking on the word “Flag” at the bottom right side below the post. Do not get sucked into such posts, for often the person who reacts next is the one who overreacts, and consequently pays a stiff price. Just like in sports when person elbows another person, and that second persondecks the first person, the referee might miss the first elbow, but will not miss the second retaliator.

    16. This forum does not condone, nor allow any posts about street racing nor other illegal vehicular activities.

    17. One of our reasons for gathering on this forum, is to help each other, e.g., “how do I replace my battery,” “should I replace my worn out tire with a run-flat,” etc. If a person chooses to solitude, accept, or follow the suggestions of another member, it is the person who actually performs the consequent work or activity (or chooses another person to perform that work) that solely accepts 100% of the consequences, risks and liabilities of their performing the work, i.e., none of the consequences, risks or liabilities befall on the person who provided that information.

    Identically, should a member purchase a product or service from a forum vendor, liabilities for its installation or usage, or any consequences therefof, strictly rests with the vendor from whom products and/or services have been purchased. Under no circumstance shall or its operators be liable to the user and/or any third party for any lost profits or lost opportunity, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages whatsoever. All purchase and financial transactions are exclusively between the member and the vendor, completely separate from the MidEngineCorvetteForum.

    Regardless of which category the above member vis-a-vis vendor applies (or the reverse), none of the consequences, risk or liabilities are transferred to on any Administrative team members of the forum, nor to the entity of, LLC.

    18. We value the work and opinions done by others, so if a member is quoting from an auto media magazine, the poster shall link that source. For the identical reason, one who posts a picture shall credit the source of that picture. If that source is not known, instead the poster shall state something like, “thanks to the unknown source for this picture” (or similar language). In summary, this forum respects the skills and talents of article writers, photographers, artists and similar, and all members shall strive to do their best to properly source and credit those who initiated that “product.”

    19. Login passwords are confidential and not to be shared with another person.

    20. Sometimes a member’s forum number, as noted on the bottom right corner of the home page, might change. When we have contests and when we rarely award special member forum number as part that member’s forum title, e.g., the upcoming “2,000th member,” those numbers will be based on the first time a number is assigned to a member’s name.

    21. Whenever a member has started a thread and it is based on their updating new information as it is obtained, do not hijack their thread.

    22. MidEngineCorvetteForum is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We will not sell, share, or rent this information.

    23. is not related to General Motors, Chevrolet, or Corvette — nor any other component part of GM.

    24. Whenever we have a contest, vendors are not eligible to receive prizes.

    Registration: In order to use this website, a user must first complete the registration form. During registration a user is required to give their contact information (such as name and email address). This information is used to contact the user about the services on our site for which they have expressed interest. It is optional for the user to provide their location, personal, demographic information, and other unique identifiers. However, providing such information can provide a more personalized experience on our site.

    Determination of compliance with MECF rules and standards rests solely with the Administrative Team.
    We hope you have fun here, learn from others, and contribute your expertise and knowledge. Thank you for joining our MidEngineCorvetteForum!

    Your Admin/Moderator Team
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