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CORVETTE TODAY #109 - Corvette News & Headlines, Mid-May 2022

Join your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett and Keith Cornett from and they discuss what’s happening with America’s Sports Car.;
1. Hard Top Convertibles now account for 48% of Corvette orders
2. Here are the most popular Corvette colors of 2022
3. 70th anniversary models delayed because of wheel constraints
4. Export versions of the C8 Z06 with corner mounted exhaust will be exported
5. The 2023 Stingray/Z06 Owner’s Manual available for download
6. The 2023 C8 Z06 is the official Pace Car for the Indianapolis 500
7. Corvette Racing’s drivers take a C8 Stingray on the track at Spring Mountain
8. Corvette Hall Of Fame inductees announced
9. Corvette is the AutoCar 2022 Dream Car of the Year

CORVETTE TODAY is the best way to stay current on what’s happening with Corvette! Don’t miss this episode…..

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2023 Corvette Info Including SR Pricing, SR 2023 Visualizer, 70th Anniversary SR/Z06 Press Release; The C8 Z06 Press Release, Order Guide & Its Visualizer Link

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Had to Join, been lurking for weeks

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  • Had to Join, been lurking for weeks

    Hi Everyone, I figured I would finally go ahead and sign up for this group as I have been coming here for weeks lurking for information on the new C8. I placed my deposit shortly after the reveal, wife and I choose an Elkhart Lake Blue 3LT, with Sky Grey interior, Z51 with Mag Ride and Front lift (this might change based on what i just read on here), high wing (although that has to wait since I decided to do R8C) and Carbon Flash painted rims (I am sure I am missing something LOL)

    I have been a car guy most of my life and bought my first new car when I was 17 years old (Dodge Daytona). I have always admired corvettes but I never owned one and to be honest I had only driven in one a few times (but never drove one). I really loved the C7 but I still wanted back seats in a car (I don't know why I just did) I refused to drive a C7 because I was afraid I would really like it..., that all changed when I saw the C8 and I no longer cared about having back seats.

    I went to the Chevy dealer, gave my deposit (obviously before we even knew pricing) and the Sales Manager who I have known for years said..."you've never even driven a Vette before..." he then said "we'll need to rectify that before we can take your deposit"... so he handed me the keys to a brand new Z06 and said "just bring it back before we close". I am respectful to the fact that the Z06 was not broken in and someone else would be buying this car so I drove around for a bit (did a few spirited accelerations, but nothing crazy) and then returned to the dealer with the same perma grin I get from driving my "fun" car...I knew I was making the right choice. This is the first car I have ever ordered (normally I just chose what was on the lot and what was the best deal, but not this time. I am so looking forward to this whole experience, and I thank everyone who has been posting information on this group, its helped tremendously. I'm looking forward to the months ahead as more information is shared (and In Oct I'll actually be able to see one up close and personal). Sorry for the long winded intro :-)

    Cheers :-)
    My Tactics Instructor use to say "it doesn't matter what you carry....but you can never have enough ammo".

    Cars: 2020 ELB 3LT Z51 (by far my favorite car that I have owned) 1973 Camaro RS RestoMod (LSX454) if I ever finish, 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT (was my Dad's car, lots of sentimental meaning), 2020 BMW X6 (fun SUV).

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    SubVet, always fun to read about other peoples stories so no reason of saying "sorry" about the info ..
    P.S. Great color combination you picked !
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    A thought if I might ...


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      Wonderful story and I agree....driving a corvette always puts a smile on our faces ...

      thats why were are so fiercely loyal to continue buying each new generation of corvettes...

      welcome to tje forum and do you know what options your are getting?

      sounds like if you have been lurking for awhile you must know what you want...

      should you hapoen to have any questions please feel free to ask away...

      a nice group of forum members on this site and there is no right or wrong way to option or not option up this wonderful new sports car.

      your color combo sounds beautiful..


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        Welcome. This is a great forum you will like it here.


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          Welcome Subvet, great story thanks for sharing. Backseats are overrated.
          2023 Z06 #5 locality and smiling
          2020 Stingray Triple Blue Coupe
          6000: status : R8C on August 5,2020 @10:00 🥳🍾
          2020 C8 Stingray; 3LT ; GS7 Elkhart Lake Blue ; HTO Twilight/Tension interior; Z51;FE4 Mag Ride; C2Q dual roof ; FA5 interior vis CF; ZZ3 engine appearance; Q8T Spectra Gray Tridents; RCC; J6E yellow Calipers; VQK Splash Guards; EYK Chrome Exterior Badge package; R8C
          2014 Stingray Laguna Blue : SOLD


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            Great backstory SubVet. Sounds like you have been doing lots of C8 “homework.”

            Thanks for becoming part of the forum. Welcome!
            Z07 coming late this summer: Hypersonic Gray HTC, two tone blue interior, CCB’s, with every piece of visible carbon fiber available including the wheels. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 24 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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              Welcome to the friendly, respectful Forum!!😀
              '64 Silver Grey Coupe (custom paint)- still our favorite
              '13 White/Blue Diamond 427 60th roadster - favorite late model
              Several others including two C7's

              '20... Zeus Bronze Coupe, 2LT, GT2 seats, Natural two tone, Body color accents, Pewter wheels- 10/1/20😀 GAME CHANGER


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                Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, I'm looking forward to some great conversations about this incredible car.

                When I was deciding on my build and options I kept saying, I don't want to go crazy and I love working on cars so I'll plan on adding only those options that can't be added (easily) later, with a few exceptions that I just had to have. (Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic,3LT, FE4, Q8Q, J6N, EFR, 5ZZ, 3F9, E60, R8C, Z51, ZYC and ZZ3), Wife loved the black rims so they got added (I personally am not a big fan of black rims as I think you lose the detail of the rim, but since she wanted them I said sure (I'll probably do some aftermarket rims later).

                I really want the exposed carbon fiber interior and ground effects, but to be honest those are items I will enjoy adding later and are fairly easy to do. I am sure I will be adding more power at a later time (supercharger or turbos), you can never have enough power. I am not a big track guy or anything I just enjoy driving, well I have done a few track days and really want to do more but like anything time never seems to line up for that. I also wanted the duel roofs, but I didn't want to go too crazy on the cost.

                I have already made arrangements to have the high wing spoiler ordered when the car order goes in and shipped to my dealer (since I am doing the R8C). I will not have the dealer install as I would rather install it myself (I have a small 750sqft climate controlled shop with a bendpak 4 post lift where I enjoy working on cars (hobby only) with friends and family).

                Part of my logic with back seats is; I enjoy going on long road trips and taking our 2 small dogs (around 5lbs each) with us (I also travel alot with work and usually drive if its on the east coast or somewhat middle of the country). I'll have to figure out a way to still take the dogs as they are part of our family, but worst case we have pet sitters that come to the house :-). I agree that the back seats are overrated LOL.
                My Tactics Instructor use to say "it doesn't matter what you carry....but you can never have enough ammo".

                Cars: 2020 ELB 3LT Z51 (by far my favorite car that I have owned) 1973 Camaro RS RestoMod (LSX454) if I ever finish, 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT (was my Dad's car, lots of sentimental meaning), 2020 BMW X6 (fun SUV).