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Hello from Treasure Island, Florida

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  • Hello from Treasure Island, Florida

    I'm here to learn about the new C8 and share ideas in a friendly environment. My first Corvette was a '59 FI that would never start below 50 degrees back in the '60s. Since that first car I had quite a few C2s, a C3 BB convertible and finally a '84 that was so brutal I gave up. So it's been a longtime waiting for the new mid-engine. Got on two different lists and hope for a spring delivery.

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    Hi there, winter neighbor . . . We have a condo in Seminole and spend January through April there. Before we bought the condo, we used to stay in Treasure Island at John's Pass, just over the drawbridge. You've been away from Corvettes too long - welcome back in advance. I have a 1962 C1 and a 2014 C7 Premiere Edition convertible, and I'm also looking forward to the C8. Might need a bigger garage, I have no plans to get rid of either of the cars I have.


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      Hello Swift93 , I'm sure your going to really love the C8 Stingray. We'll all have a better idea on pricing in a couple days. Welcome
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        Thanks for the greeting and welcome to Florida. Do you have a spot in the allocation yet? I'm still fretting over color and options, but it'll be a while before decisions must be made.


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          Welcome to the forums ..... Click image for larger version

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          A thought if I might ...


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            Welcome to the forum Swift! You're in a great spot to enjoy your new C8 year-round, way better than all the snow we get up north.

            I'm sure you'll enjoy being back in the Corvette fold after such a long time away.


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              Welcome Swift93. Thanks for filling us in. The 1984’s and1985’s rode as if they had concrete filled tires (got a ride in a friends once). It sure has been a long time waiting for the mid engine Corvette.
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                This is the nicest place with the most pleasant people. Thank you all for a warm welcome. Yes, the '84 left a bad taste, but I know that things have changed dramatically. And I'm so excited at the prospect of getting the C8. I came very close to buying a 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo, but the LARA report showed only 50% clutch remaining and it had been shifted 66000 times in 8300 miles. Lamborghini Sarasota said a new clutch, etc. would be $9k, so I decided to wait for the C8 reveal. The best decision I could have made. I'll have a faster car with a DCT transmission and a warranty. Just hope I get the car this my age I can't spare any extra time! Tom
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                  I LOVE FL! Amelia Island specifically, spitting distance to GA! St. Mary's River is all that separates the st. My in-laws have a pad on the plantation there. I'd love to drive down there in my new Vette next Summer, and of course - leave the kids with the grandparents back in the MN tundra, which is really unfit for human inhabitation!

                  It's really nice to LEAVE MN in the winter. Going for a month next winter! I suppose my ma in law should know. HEHE! She's cool though, she doesn't care.
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