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New member from Texas

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  • New member from Texas

    Hi All,
    Recently joined and enjoying the site. A lot of good information and civility.
    Retired in 2005 and live in Georgetown, Texas.
    I am currently without a Corvette. I sold my C7 last January in anticipation of the C8 Corvette. I am on the short list with the number three dealer for a 2021. I wanted to wait for all the cost information as well as reviews from the various car magazines and more importantly the customer.
    Previously owned a 96 Polo Green, 04 Mil Yellow, 12 Supersonic Blue. I have enjoyed them all and each generation they keep getting better.
    Looking forward to all the opinions and information from the members.

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    C8Ron Sounds like you have a great plan to acquire a 21 model. Welcome.
    Rocket City Florida- 2001 ZO6 - 2013 427 Vert - 2020 Stingray


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      Ron, nice fun first post with backstory info. We are glad you joined us. There is an ever growing group of MECF members who are temporary Vette-less. We will join that group in less than a month after we do the National Corvette caravan. Won’t be our first time for this exact situation, so we know we will survive the wait.

      Thank you!
      Z06 coming late this summer: Hypersonic Gray HTC, two tone blue interior, complete high wing/aero package. CCB’s, with every piece of visible carbon fiber available. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 24 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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        Hi Ron
        Yes good story. Hopefully I will be Vetteless next Weds , just in time to Have Mark at MacMulkin do the Paperwork showing my 19 as a trade to save the Sales Tax even though I have the buyer. Just in time for pricing release and first consensus. I thought about keeping the 19 with 1700 miles but really do not need two current year / late model Corvettes.But I know the feeling of kind of an empty nester, lo,l On the list to be in the first round but still will be without a toy for 5 months.


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          Sorry I missed you the other day Ron , welcome to the forums ...
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          A thought if I might ...


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            Welcome aboard and I find this forum to be very informative and good group of car crazy people . Could not wait until 2021. I guess my age says get off the pot and get one. But then again I did the same thing in 2013 with no regrets whatsoever. This Christmas season should be very exciting. I’m not saying the cars will be here but C8 stuff will. Making a list for the wife and kids soon.
            2022 Torch Red. 2LT. Z51 ,mag ride ,gray trident wheels .black trim with red interior

            2023 Z06 wait list # 396 at Ciocca Chevy


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              Congrats on implementing your plan and on your decision to join here...

              smart to get on a 2021 list early..,

              i undersrand the concerns of waiting for the second year....and considered doing so myself...

              then the vehicle released and I decided to just go for it...

              the way it sits i may only beat the 2021 model year by a month or two again..i think you made the smart choice..

              how many corvettes have you owned and which has been your favorite sports car and why? If hou feel like sharing.