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Special Tadge Juechter On Corvette Today Podcast Now

Steve Garrett has the honor of talking to Corvette's Executive Chief Engineer, Tadge Juechter on CORVETTE TODAY!

Tadge talks about how he started working at GM, what his first job was for the company, his path to success and how he attained his current position. Then Steve and Tadge trace his time with the C4, C5 and C6.  You'll learn how the C7 almost became the mid-engine Corvette!  Tadge talks about how the true mid-engine car we know today was being developed while the C7 was coming to market! Next Tadge takes a deep dive into the development and product launch of the current C8 Corvette. He talks about how the Corvette team attained the buy-in for GM executives to build the car, the research and architecture of the C8 and the future of this mid-engine marvel.

Tell your friends, stop what you're doing right now and check out this outstanding episode of CORVETTE TODAY with Executive Chief Engineer, Tadge Juechter! (listen to all CORVETTE TODAY podcasts) (sign up for email updates here)
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Official C8 Owners Manual, Build and Price, Visualizer, Pricing, and Ordering Information

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Hello from Manta Ray

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  • Hello from Manta Ray

    Hi all. I joined this new forum last month, but I just made my first post today. Figured I'd introduce myself here. Long time Corvette fan, ever since I saw the C4 as a kid at the State Fair of Texas around the time it was first introduced. Owned two C5 Coupes, a 1999 Black/Black Coupe (MN6 w/ F45 suspension) and a 2002 Millennium Yellow/Black (MN6 w/ Z51 suspension). Used to be TargaC5 on the other forum, then I had the name changed at one point then lost the password and the ability to retrieve it -- doh!) but haven't really been active there in any capacity since I sold my 2002 back in 2010.

    Been following the mid-engine development very closely ever since I saw the Holden test vehicle pics way back in early January 2015. I'm hoping to get back into Corvette sometime soon after the production car hits the market.

    Glad to be here, and I hope to be very active on this forum.
    1999 Coupe - Black
    2002 Coupe - Millennium Yellow
    2008 Jaguar XKR - Liquid Silver

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    Welcome Manta Ray! Your forum name could be forecasting the ME’s future, since GM trademarked the name a couple of years ago. Thanks for sharing your “backstory.”
    Looking forward to our ME arriving.


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      Welcome to the forum Manta Ray ...
      A thought if I might ...


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        Welcome and cool cars you owned...

        do you still owm the sleek Jaguar ?

        should be an exciting year as the c8 releases officially in january....
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ID:	4664 Hello Manta Ray, Welcome to the feeding frenzy of knowledge trickling in from this great forum. Hopefully we will all be witnessing one of the greatest upsets in automotive history. An American built sports-car, possibly super-car that has plenty of background and mechanical advancements that will be produced for a reasonable price to the masses which will be heavily respected by foreign manufacturers. Hopefully will be rated as one of the best sports-cars you can buy for the money for longevity, handling ,performance and looks. BTW-If it looks anything close to this I definitely want the HT Convertible.
          Rocket City Florida


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            Welcome aboard......great story! At first I thought it was the announcement due to GM trademarking that name years ago.
            2017 TR GS 2LT