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  • Add/Change Email Notifications

    How to Add Email Notifications

    I was just asked by a member is there a way to get email notifications of different forum actions. There is, though you may want to fine tune this how many boxes (items) you have selected to receive email notifications on (so you do not get email buried of such notification).

    Here’s how to have different forum actions result in your getting notifications, getting less of them, or getting very specific ones you want.

    Notice how many options you can select from as to which forum actions go immediately into your email as “Notifications.” (Below are my personal settings, and I doubt anyone else would want more than a fraction of such notifications — for this amount will come close to burying your inbox.)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	86089B6C-9E90-49F3-B57E-73B08BDCDDE0.jpeg Views:	80 Size:	643.3 KB ID:	5667

    Here’s how to have different forum actions result in your getting notifications:

    1) Click on the very top of the page, toward the right, on your forum name;
    2) A drop down box will open up; click on “User Settings”’;
    3). When that opens, near the top on the left hand side, you will see a highlighted box labeled “Profile”. To its right you will see a couple of more boxes, then on the most right box, click on “Notifications.”
    4) Once that opens, scroll down just a little, and look at the box labeled “Email notifications.” Make sure your “email” setting is “ON”. If not, click and a drop down option will allow you to get to “ON”; conversely, if you are wanting some emails, but are not getting them, please change the “Off” setting to “On.
    ​​​​​5) Then go down to “General,” “Discussions,” and lastly “Private Message,” selecting among these, which ones you want an email notification for.
    6). Then and lastly, the most critical step, go to the bottom right and click on the red box which says, “Save Changes

    Hope this helps! And if you need more assistance, please either post your questions below in this thread or use a private message to get back to any of the forum Admins/Mods/me.

    Last edited by John; 08-22-2018, 07:27 PM.
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