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New member from Oklahoma.

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  • New member from Oklahoma.

    New member here. First post of hopefully many to come. May be late to this forum but here we go. My C8 was built today as far as the dealer can say. Yes today!
    I live in the NE part of Oklahoma and having a Vette has been on my to do list for ever. Thought I would never get the chance, but I jumped on it. Got it at my local dealer and at MSRP. The wait was less than expected, and we all know how these lists go. Big shout out to Dealers who are doing customers right.

    So how did I wind up here. I come from the Camaro crowd. I have owned a 68, an 80 Z28, an 81 Z28 and a 95 Z28 convertible. All have been on the track with the early ones for fun and the 96 for a whole lot of fun. It is a 6 speed with a few mods, great tires and coming from a Miata driving the course and the line I do very well. Spun out at 95 chasing a 2005 Vette down. I was on his tail for a few laps and let off at the wrong time. That's when I knew I needed a Corvette.

    At the moment I still have a 79 and a 96 Corvette in the garage. They are for sale to make room.

    Now I started the search for a newer Vette. First one I drove was a 2017 Z06. Great deal and would have gained value right off. Next up to drive was a 2022 C8. Yes, I did get a test drive. Only customer to do so when I went back a month later to look at other used ones. Happened right after a good snowfall and the streets dried up and they were ready to sell cars. Now I knew I had to make the decision as to new or used. Now we all know that most every used one has been romped on a time or two. So, it had to be new. I wanted the first romp in the hay and everyone after that.

    The search began. Yeah, we all know how that goes. 15, 20 and I even was offered one at 50 over. Yes 50 over. So I stopped in at my local dealer one day just to check what they said. No problem, we have a list here. Are you local? Yes. It looks like you will be 4 in line however number one's allocation is here so you will be number 3. How about a deposit? No, he said. Wow! No deposit. Put me on that list I said. Now I did stop in and chat with him once in a while. Also brought some muffins and cookies for the dealership. Let them remember me and wait for the call.

    The call came the week before my 64th birthday. I had already worked through the builder and price guide. Unfortunately, there were restraints. Z51 being the biggest. So I ordered anyway with Mag ride, Front lift, Performance exhaust, Blue LT2 Convertible, High wing, Splitter, Carbon Black roof and Nacelles. I will "spirited" drive it but not track it hard core. Probably autocross it or my 95 convertible Z28 since convertibles are not allow at the track without complete ROP. C8s are the exceptions.

    Looking forward to contributing and learning more about this Mid-engine Corvette.

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    Welcome OKCorvette. Glad you joined us. Thanks for sharing your backstory. Hopefully we could help you sell your Corvette here:

    Congratulations on having your C8 build today!

    2023 Z06: Hypersonic Gray HTC, two tone blue interior, complete high wing/aero package. CCB’s, PBC, E60, and with every visible carbon fiber option including wheels. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 24 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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      Welcome Ok and congrats on the good news!


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        Welcome to the jungle known as the world of C8...congrats!


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          Welcome to a great forum


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            Happy 'vetting and congrats on your new C8. You will have a younger sibling on Oct. 6 when mine is built (barring any delays).
            January 27, 2021 - Joined MECF
            May 21, 2021 - deposit with Criswell
            June 23, 2022 - allocation, but non-Z51 constraint forces deferral
            July 14, 2022 - non-Z51 still on constraint, order deferred 2nd time
            August 20, 2022 - GM accepts order, status 2000
            August 26, 2022 - GM commits to building my C8, status 3000
            September 12, 2022 - TPW 9/26, status 3300
            September 22, 2022 - Status 3400, projected build date October 6

            Live your best life now!


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              Welcome to the forum.
              2020 2LT Z51 Coupe
              1966 Factory AC Coupe


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                Eureka Springs Corvette weekend next weekend. There will be 300 or so Vetts there. Come and have fun. Free BBQ at the Outlook Lodge friday night.