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New Member here from Cape Cod

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  • New Member here from Cape Cod

    Thanks for adding me to the group 96 C4 CE Coupe w/LT4 and 2006 C6 convertible. Looking forward to the launch of the C8

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    Welcome, nice couple of cars. Hope you enjoy the forum excitement and info. Post some pics of your cars soon.

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      Welcome pdqc6. GM would never answer our questions of “is the C6’s LT4 deliberately underrated?” So many of us believe it was underrated by way more than 5 or even 10 HP — to allow a “HP bump up” to the C5’s 345 HP.

      Glad you posted!

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        Thanks for joining this crew pdcq6


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          Great username, We're all here for the ride!
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            Welcome to the site pdqc6, I'm positive you'll enjoy all the information and members here !

            38 days and counting
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            A thought if I might ...


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              Thanks to those who left a comment. Change is inevitable and also good, although we all would like to see the C7 stay I think the time for a mid engine Corvette is here. All the talk of a Corvette SUV is exciting. Perhaps GM will spin off Corvette into it own brand. Hey Porsche did it with the Cayenne and it hasn't hurt them.