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Blown C5Z Or New C7Z?

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  • Blown C5Z Or New C7Z?

    Hey everyone! I currently own a stock c5z with 53,000 miles. It’s more or less my daily driver. C7Z prices have been dropping like crazy and I’m thinking it may be time to upgrade.

    Option 1: A&A supercharger kit on C5Z. Cost about $8500 including install and tune. Good for about 500 - 600 HP. Drove one right before I purchased my current Z. Extremely fun to drive. vidmate mobdro The kit is smog legal which is great because I live in California. I am a little concerned about breaking components and long term reliability with an upgrade like this. I know for certain I will need to upgrade the clutch almost immediately.

    Option 2: Sell C5Z and purchase new C7Z. They’re beautiful and built to handle that much power. I would buy new or as new as possible so longevity and possible warranty are a plus. Interior and everything else is much nicer. I think I’m less likely to get bored of this car in the next 5 or more years of ownership.

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    Welcome to the site Ethan, option 2 sure sounds like the best idea to me . Click image for larger version

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    A thought if I might ...


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      Originally posted by Ssscooter66 View Post
      Welcome to the site Ethan, option 2 sure sounds like the best idea to me . Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2405.PNG
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      What he said!
      There is a madness to my method!
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        Option two will work flawlessly fir many years...

        option one is better fir weekend toy...when you increase hp 50 percent with a blower eventually issues pop up over time.

        Factory high performance vehicles are usually flawless while aftermarket efforts tend to have small niggling issues that pop up at inopportune times and there isnt a matter of money ..its a question of factory research and development that creates a better high performance vehicle.

        ive done the mod thing in the past and it invariably becomes a pain in the butt.

        my vote , my opinion is sell the beautiful c5 z06 and buy a manual c7 z06.

        good luck deciding,


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          Ethan, welcome aboard. Glad you joined us. You have proposed two excellent options. Only suggestion I have, any may well have done this already, is not to invest one more dollar in your C5Z until you have driven a C7. If after driving a C7, you choose to go your option # 1, that would be an excellent choice.

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            If you haven't, drive the C7. I think that will make up your mind very quickly. The C7 is superior to the C5 in every objective way.
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              like everyone has said if you are going to drive more than a little bit on some weekends, go with the c7.