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C8 Caught In The Wild Testing! Best 7 ME Videos! Inside BGA : Jagamajajaran’s Video

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2019 Grand Sport Drivers Series Officially Revealed Tomorrow. LIst of C8 Poential Patents. Considerations In Modeling The C8

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Site Maintenance Starts @ 5:00 PM Today

Yesterday’s massive software update resulted in 3 things needing help. Some already corrected. Today we get up to a one hour maintenance/update time out.
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To keep our forum growing with the latest software, it was just upgraded. LIke all changes, our goal is for 100% success, but sometimes only 99% is achieved. If you notice that 1%, please start a thread entitled “Software Upgrade Difference. “ Thank you for within it describing what was different, worked better or not as well. Thank you.
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Newbie here

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  • Newbie here

    Hi all, looking forward being here getting great information on the new C8. I will be purchasing one and figured this would be the place to get updated information on this awesome vette. I have owned 4 corvettes and 6 dodge vipers. My fun car for now is a 2006 Cadillac xlr.

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    Welcome to the site WANTED , I sure you'll enjoy it here & end up spending a lot of time here because all the information and great members ..
    Add some info if you'd like ..

    A thought if I might ...😎


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      Welcome WANTED. Great cars you have had/have. We will have info updated C8 all the time, but as you/we yet know, the amount of factually confirmed info we have yet, is very small (listed in this thread).

      Thanks for joining!

      So many questions about the ME right now; so few answers yet.

      Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. A ME C8 Corvette is coming next.


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        WANTED to say nice taste in rides you have there. Hopefully we will get more confirmed information soon before we all get carpal tunnel from typing so much and our monitors burning our retina's. Enjoy this great forum.
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            Welcome WANTED, lots of info here. Hope you enjoy the C8 anxiety group.
            There is a madness to my method!

            2015 Z06 Torch/adrenaline
            2001 coupe Torch/oak R8C
            79 coupe Silver/oyster
            All one owner
            Museum lifetime members


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              WANTED, we are glad you are now a member. Welcome.