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Great GM Designer Tom Peters Is On Corvette Today Podcast

Meet Tom Peters…Exterior Design Director for the C5, C6, C7 and C8! Your host, Steve Garrett, introduces you to the man who designed the C5, C6, C7 and C8 Corvettes, Tom Peters!
Tom talks about his early years when he first discovered Corvette, his path to a California design school, how he got his GM scholarship as a sophomore in college (when they were only given to junior and seniors) and all through his 35 years at GM. Tom gives you the inside scoop on how they introduced the C5 Corvette at a reserve Air Force base and the competition thereof.  He also recalls the story of how Global Design Vice President, Ed Welborn, gave his team the OK to finally call the C7 Corvette a "Stingray".  Then Tom recalls his induction into the Corvette Hall of Fame.
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HOW TO Receive and Send Private Messages

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  • HOW TO Receive and Send Private Messages

    The key is that our private message (PM) function is located on the very top of every screen. Knowing that, you are 3/4’s of the way home.

    1) Obviously, to read one that someone sent to you, click on it (it will be highlighted);

    2) Click on “You’ve Got Mail.”

    3) Or, to send, click on “Send New Message” (duh).

    4) Click on post.

    Separately should you wish, you can again by starting on the top “ Message” icon, select “Go to Message Center.”
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