Open an existing post to which you have typed at least ten characters (to give your video some context please):

1) Click on the part of your post exactly where you wish to insert your video.

2) Find your video’s URL, then copy it.

3) Click on the Aon the extreme right of where you are typing (though “higher” on the page than you are now typing), then click on it.

4) When it opens, and you are given a bewildering array of left-to-right options, choose the one that looks like a part of old fashioned “film,” just to the right of the “picture postcard,” and click on the “film” icon.


Note: You will not see it until you finish your post; in the interim it will look something like this: http://<a href="</a>, but have the “word” immediately before your video’s URL, and and have this “word” [/Video] immediately after your video’s URL.

6) You may post multiple videos within one post; just please repeat steeps 2-5).

7) Keep typing content if/as you wish, then click on the red box “Post” in the bottom right.