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  • Member/Vendor Dispute Resolution Procedures

    From time to time, there are member and vendor differences. Not one of us does not look back and wish we had been a touch more tactful in resolving a dispute about something we had a purchased, and similarly we doubt a single vendor has not had one encounter in their careers, that also in hindsight, they wish had not occurred differently.

    We hope all such occurrences, when they occur, are quickly resolved with mutually-agreed-upon outcomes.

    When those rare differences occur, to ensure that they first occur off the forum, the following procedures shall apply to all members and all vendors.

    Just as members get to chose where they buy from, vendors have the right to pre-establish their business’ operating procedures as long as those practices are universally and equally applied to all customers, e.g. payment in advance for custom-made products.

    1) If a member is of the opinion that the way one of our MidEngineCorvetteForum vendors has improperly interacted with them; has received a product not up to standard; not received the product in a timely manner, or similar; and in keeping with our forums rules that all public and PM posts shall be respectful, all such differences shall be first addressed in private — not in a forum thread nor post.

    2) The member shall send the vendor a PM with specific concerns, and the specific desired resolution of those concerns. In addition, the member may choose to communicate in writing with the vendor (keeping copies of all such documentation). The member shall outline his/her concerns, and the specific desired remediation(s) that is being sought.

    3) The vendor shall, within a maximum of 5 business days, respond back to the member in a PM. The vendor shall specifically address all “points of difference,” so that both parties could hopefully work through them, one-by-one, toward mutual resolution.

    4) If the member does not hear back from the vendor by the end of business-day 5, the member shall communicate with a forum moderator or adminsitrator as to his/her concerns — again prior to any public airing of the member’s concerns. MECF moderators or admin may or may not choose to try and mediate the difference. If not, the member shall be free to publicly post their concern.

    However, consistent with all language on this forum, the member’s thread shall be presented factually and professionally. No inflammatory language shall be allowed, either earlier in the private reconciliation effort, nor after it is publicly presented to the entire forum.

    MECF moderators and administrators monitor forum content, and shall take all appropriate action to insure that inappropriate threads/posts are removed.

    It is our goal, that with our pre-qualification of vendors before they are accepted as forum sponsors, that this thread is never needed. — just as is our hope that all members would never need to use this thread.

    Thank you.
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