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  • Thank You for the Add...

    New member, though I peruse the usual/other Corvette boards here on the Web...'02 Vert, Z51, 6 Spd MT, with ~67,000 miles, owned since new...

    Many long Road Trips in this car, inc a 13,000 mile 3 month cross country RT. I have driven several friends' C6s and C7s and am curious about the ME, though I suspect it won't be as road trip friendly due to its potential 'trunk space'/lack of, and pricing.

    In 55+ years of lots of different cars, our '02 may be TheBestCar I have owned. Keep it under 150 and between the fences!
    GL, Ol'UncleMotor
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    Welcome motordavid! We are glad you joined us last month, you fellow “road tripper.” As to your concern about the ME’s cargo space, Bob Lutz again noted a second time recently that “GM has solved the mid engine luggage space issue.” Of course until the reveal, we do not know what that exactly means, but I do know that he remains still acutely tied to GM even right now (maybe not officially but via other ways), and that he repeated this statement again says IMO, we are going to have an upside surprise at the time of the reveal.

    We are not counting GM out the ME on the luggage space issue, and we average 10K of road trips each year.

    And as to the ME’s pricing, a really, really nice upside surprise at the reveal is definitely not out of the question either. Automobile has said $57K; Bob Lutz around $5-10K more than a FE, and Don Sherman of Car and Driver has said less than $10K more. There are some who think all three at totally wrong. I do not.

    And again the reveal will tell all.
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      Hello motordavid, I had a couple of the C5 Zo6 cars and I absolute loved those cars. Only problem I had was with the fiberglass front leaf springs breaking and cracking on both of those cars. Other than that they always performed flawlessly. Welcome to the Vette Maternity Ward, We are all waiting for our new baby's to be born. lol
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        Hi motordavid, that is a cool shot through your windshield and nicely cropped! Is that Monument Valley in Arizona?
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          Welcome to site motordavid and I'll agree what Jeff said that's a "cool shot" Click image for larger version

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          2022, 2LT Elkhart Blue ..


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            Welcome aboard.
            2017 TR GS 2LT