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Looking for members from Idaho

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  • Looking for members from Idaho

    I live in Boise and was wondering if there are any other members of the forum who live in Boise or anywhere else in the state.

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    Mike, can’t help you directly, but I live in the neighboring State of Oregon. Might you be joining us a the McCurley Chev only C8 NW dealer appearance on Feb. 9th at Pasco, WA? https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...isit-adventure

    Even a member from Montana is considering joining us, as are some from all over Oregon, and Washington...

    Might you and other Idahoans meet each other there, or have a mini-caravan to and from the C8 meet?
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      Visited Boise almost every summer for 15 years or so.My old NG Aviation Unit did annual training out in the desert there.

      I'm planning to do the Pasco WA showing for sure. A mere 470 miles! LOL.

      HOPEFULLY there will be a C8 at the auto show as well. Would be nice to have an alternate plan should the weather earlier in the month make a trip over impossible.
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        Practially neighbors! Live here in Eagle and member of Valley Corvettes. Cannot do the Pasco run as we will be in warmer climates.