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[VIDEO] Reviewer Lets the 2020 Corvette's LT2 Do the Talking In This Test Drive

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  • [VIDEO] Reviewer Lets the 2020 Corvette's LT2 Do the Talking In This Test Drive

    Click image for larger version

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    Posted from CorvetteBlogger:

    Auto reviewer Javier Mota was able to test drive the 2020 Corvette Stingray Coupe and because he cannot offer his driving impressions until the media embargo is over this week, he can let the Stingray’s LT2 give a hint of what it’s capable of.

    In this preview video posted last week, Javier mounted a camera inside the engine compartment so the motor’s audio is crisp and clear. The video isn’t sync’d to the audio so no breaking out the stopwatch. But wow! It’s one of the clearest audio recordings we’ve heard of the 495-hp LT2 yet.

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    Wheel gap looks pretty good here, though to be fair, two large guys in it, and regards the front gap, the car is lightly braking. If this is how mine looks, with it having both Z51 and E60, I will be reducing the rear gap. Thanks adjustable spring perches.

    Thanks CorvetteBlogger for importing this video!

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      Sounds great even on my crappy laptop speakers. Have to try it out again on the main system.

      At 1:00 approx is the first time I've seen the Track-mode dash display in operation. Cool.


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        I'm glad they pointed out the sound wasn't synchronized, or I'd have thought something was seriously wrong with that DCT.
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          Nicely illuminated check engine light @ 0:41 for those that want to know what it will look like.