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Corvette Today Podcast Latest Corvette News

Wow....there is so much Corvette news coming out right now.   Keith Cornett from joins your host, Steve Garrett to cover it all.  Check out some of the headlines below....
1.  GM Cancels June Allocation – 3000 status orders to be completed
2.  Chevrolet releases details and pricing on 2022 Corvette
3.  Chevrolet will offer a Corvette C8.R Special Edition for 2022
4.  2022 C8 Corvette Visualizer is now live
5.  Right-hand drive C8’s arrive in Japan and revealed at Fuji Speedway
6.  Ordering Opens in Australia and New Zealand
7.  GM still working out details for 2023 Racing Program
8.  Juan Pablo Montoya loves the Indy 500 pace car C8 Corvette!
9.  With C8 details out for 2022, the Z06 will most likely be a 2023 model
10.  Pre-owned Corvette pricing up 34% in the last year
...and there's lots more!  Don't miss this episode of CORVETTE TODAY.
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The Real C8 Show Isn't at Carlisle Today

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  • The Real C8 Show Isn't at Carlisle Today

    We have about 7 C8's right here .. They're all coming in tonight to rest so they'll be at Carlisle tomorrow....unfortunately for me, today was the only day I was able to make it....Luckily I got the inside scoop on where they would be .... Long Beach just pulled in ...STILL waiting on a Rapid Blue

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    More words to make the forum happy.
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      Oh my! That LBR C8 is beautiful and appears to be configured exactly the way I first visualized my future C8. I have been on the fence about the EFY Body Color Exterior Trim Accents, but they look great in these pictures. From the day of the reveal, I have had mixed emotions about the "black" intake on the side. The black color seems to work better for some body colors and not for others in my opinion. This post may have made up my mind about making the drive to Carlise on Saturday. Can't beat seeing it in person to decide.
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        Originally posted by meyerweb View Post

        More words to make the forum happy.
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          Jljordann922, Thanks for the pics, I like them all
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            Thank you Jljordann922. Really nice pictures. If you have time later, would you please move your single color pictures into each of our official color threads.
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              Awesome pjotos although being at carlisle today i would say the 6 c8s here are awesome.

              one more beautiful then the next.

              two torch reds. Both c8 z51 s one with a 3 lt suede interior. One in black, one in matural

              we had ceramic grey with the adrenaline red interior non z51 with polisjed trident!

              the zeus bronze with natural 3Lt with bronze wheel..

              truly the most sophisticated and elegant vehicle to choose.Double wow! (Non z51) just the most classic in beauty...anyone who chooses this color combo will jave a clear show stopper...everyone was in awe. The compound curves utilizing the smc body panels to create a shape that transcended every other color chosen.

              two with the two tone blue interior standard c8 while the other was a z51 with a black rear spoiler. The color in real life has much more metallic in it tjan Ive seen in photos...very germanic in its aura. A real winner.

              the black standard c8 was so sleek...truly the bat mobile. (I wont do black again but it was really sleek.

              the crowds included a lot of people from all over the ISA and from Canada...

              people who never were into corvettes were at carlisle today to choose options and colors today.

              i soent 7 hours today. I took a lot of photos ...we went to a beautiful dinner with the corvette mechanic team at the brick...

              everywjere you turn in carlisle are thousands of neautiful corvettes of every generation. A very surreal experience.