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Z06 Reveal Live Site

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CORVETTE TODAY #80 - Meet Famed Corvette Race Car Driver, Andy Pilgrim

If you're a fan of Corvette Racing, you'll absolutely love this podcast! Your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, sits down with famed Corvette Racing driver, Andy Pilgrim, to discuss his illustrious career. Andy takes you back to his days in Great Britain, where he started racing motorcycles. He tells you how he got to the United States and how he got invited to be a part of the Corvette Racing team. Pilgrim talks about his 20+ years racing, his time at Le Mans and much more.

Also find out what andy is doing today along with his association with the National Corvette Museum and the Motorsports Park.
It's an fascinating listen about one of the drivers who helped kick on Corvette Racing on the CORVETTE TODAY podcast!

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The Official GM Z06 Press Release Will Be Here Tuesday @ 12:01 Pm (ET)

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Do we have a Good PhotoShopper on the forum?

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  • Do we have a Good PhotoShopper on the forum?

    Just curious if we have someone that is pretty nifty with photoshop that is ever in the mood to make reasonable alterations to some of the photos we've seen either by request or because they just want to.

    I'm really trying to just figure out how the stock wheels (Q8P) or even the Q8Q wheels would look if they were completely gloss black (not the polished lip). I know a big complaint by some are the wheels, but I dont have the means to buy a whole other set of wheels once this car comes....likely just want to powdercoat them black.

    So if you're out there and you're bored, feel free to let me know! Lol

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	19 40 all carbon flash.jpg
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      Originally posted by jagamajajaran View Post
      Click image for larger version

Name:	19 40 all carbon flash.jpg
Views:	180
Size:	310.7 KB
ID:	60963
      Yupp just how they should look lol ... But on a car i havent seen one done yet....ill see how good my cut and paste skills are


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        Here are a bunch of pretty terrible jobs but i think it makes a big difference .. at least to me it does

        Click image for larger version

Name:	PhotoEditor_20190818_084620595.jpg
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Name:	PhotoEditor_20190818_083918213.jpg
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          I have to agree with you, the 5 spokes look much better all black. I’m sure that adding the machining step is the reason the price doubled to $1k, and I have yet to find anyone who prefers the polished lip. On the tridents it does not bother me as the machined lip is not an afterthought.
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          GMO Rapid Blue, 3LT, HTO tension/twilight blue, FA5 CF interior, Z51, FE4 magnetic ride, E60 front lift, Q8T spectra gray tridents, STI composite rockers, VQK splash guards. Built 7/24, delivered 8/28.