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First media shot of the interior!!!

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  • First media shot of the interior!!!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	c8_76b8a4937450d99cc61dafdeb50862d77d71d9da_d11f16a57c0662e0e489d134464298afd895be74.jpg
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ID:	47281
    Note: I'm not the source. Found it on the other forum.
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    OMG! that is awesome! Now I see how they tied together all the brushed metal accents. Very premium look!
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      Looks like a cockpit of a fighter jet...

      pretty cool.

      thanks for posting


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        Thanks Manta Ray, It is another rendering, not the actual car, IMO But Kinda Cool


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          ps the torch red paint job sold me on the view as well..



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            That is very nice!!!!!


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              Very cool.
              There is a madness to my method!
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                It may be a render, but if so I think it's from someone who has seen the actual interior. Probably another "leak" from GM.
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                  I like it, very much


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                    Looks great! I like the clear and concise IC display far better than the one captured in recent spy photos. Well done.

                    Overall it looks appropriate for a $60K car and considerably higher in quality than the C7 interior.

                    The potential issue I see is that dividing ramp. If the cabin is spacious then it's probably fine, but if it is at all cramped, then I suspect the center buttress will add to the cramped feeling.

                    Also nice how the seats have indents to hold my junk more comfortably.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Comfy Chair.jpg
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                      The amount of space, width and height taken up by the middle tunnel will be an interesting aspect of the interior design. Some prefer that it be wide and create cockpits for the driver and passenger. others prefer that it be as open, narrow and unobstrusive as reasonable design priorities permit. Without stating a personal preference, am keenly curious.

                      The above render looks pretty tight as if the power train drive shaft is still in place, which it is not.

                      Looks like an uncluttered and clean design cross the horizonal

                      A glove box too, looks like.

                      handsome look
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                        It's... gorgeous! Even if it is just a rendering, I'd say that it has a pretty good chance of being spot on given the earlier pictures that we've seen
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                          Withholding my final judgement until I see more pictures or in person, but that is a bizarre combo of touchscreen + multitude of switches splitting the cockpit that GM came up with!


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                            Me likey! I wonder if the infotainment screen retracts into the slot below it.


                            After closer examination I don't think it will retract unless it also rotates.
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                              I wonder if the color of the stripe on the wheel changes with the exterior color of the car, those reds definitely seem to match and would make sense why they were taped up on all of the spy shots.