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Chazcron’s New C8 Renderings & GIF

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    Great work!!! How about Zeus Bronze (Cadillac color- brown metallic), a guess at Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic, a guess at Rapid Blue, and the 2019 colors - Shadow Gray Metallic, and Long Beach Red Metallic


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      FWIW, I don't think the rear end looks all that much like the Camaro. Yes, there's a family resemblance, just as there was with the C7 and the then current Camaro, but based on the renders I don't think anyone with the slightest interest in cars could confuse the two.

      I always try to avoid making decisions about how a 3 dimensional shape looks from a 2D image, but from what I see I don't have any issue with the back end of the car.
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        I am not seeing any more of a brand resemblance than I do between a $450,000 Ferrari and an entry $250,000 one. Might those who own a $450K Ferrari be unhappy that lesser Ferrari owners’ car might have a little of the same look at theirs?
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