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  • fvs - best renders all together

    just wanted to post the best images all together.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	c8 chaz overlaygif side black top.jpg
Views:	8232
Size:	463.7 KB
ID:	38634Click image for larger version

Name:	c8 side black top.jpg
Views:	1466
Size:	467.4 KB
ID:	38635Click image for larger version

Name:	c8 iso last vert 2 - Copy.jpg
Views:	2359
Size:	709.1 KB
ID:	38636Click image for larger version

Name:	c8 iso last black top.jpg
Views:	1471
Size:	846.6 KB
ID:	38637Click image for larger version

Name:	c8 iso render red red 2 scoop.jpg
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Size:	978.7 KB
ID:	38638Click image for larger version

Name:	c8 grand sport new render 7 copy.jpg
Views:	1447
Size:	2.82 MB
ID:	38639

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	D67C224C-84D6-44FD-A2BE-F444518B81D5.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	31.6 KB ID:	38644

    Thank you so very much fvs for all the wonderful renderings you have provided us!!! And please as you think of your earlier ones, add them into this thread!
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      I sent the red version with Zora on the fender to one of my friends who was a corvette owner now has a F355 Ferrari and the reaction was WOW what an awesome car. To your earlier post John about conquest sales, going to be off the charts great for Bowling Green. Thanks for the vision of what is coming FVS!


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        A Little light and little shadow mean a lot.

        About conquest sales, people who go Ferrari , Lambo etc will likely want a C8 as a supplement if they really like to drive. Mostly Not replacement. It would not seem replacement. They tend to have a lot of cars anyway. Hope it wins a new set of friends and not loose the old set.

        Post 08-18-19 is going to be steamy. Once the car is revealed. Frenzy. If its a rocketRocket then worse.
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          Originally posted by SheepDog View Post
          Post 08-18-19 is going to be steamy.
          Thats 07/18/19.


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            Good looking car. I'd buy one.

            And I agree with sheepdog on conquests. Ferrari, Lambo, etc. buyer may buy a C8, but it will never replace the "status symbol" effect, attention getting and rarity that those cars have. It could well impact sales of the "lesser" Porsches, but 911 owners tend to be brand loyal even more than Corvette owners.
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              Thank you fvs! Love it!!!


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                Originally posted by arctic stingray View Post
                Thank you fvs! Love it!!!
                Yes!!! Many thanks!!!!


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                  Have really enjoyed the journey with you FVS ... thanks for everything! Only six more weeks or so ....


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                    Thanks again for all your work Fvs.....It’s amazing the technology skills people have today. You must really love your work because it shows. Not counting the days because life is too short as it is. Just enjoying my C7 as if there were no replacement yet
                    Looking forward to the C7R at LeMans again. That will help take my mind off the C8 and stay focused on the C7.
                    RED ,C8. 2LT wheels and trim. .... Order status 6000 car is home in garage


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                      ok, this one is the closest. The more pronounced lines over the fenders is a lot closer to real deal than any render seen on any forum thus far. That said, no one is close on the side scoop. It’s crazy to me because i stated weeks ago that the scoop is almost identical to the gen v viper scoop....just reversed for the rear and extends into side skirt. I guess no one is taking me serious. If you put the gen v viper scoop design on FVS’s black roof car, it’s close but still different. Don’t ask amplifying questions because i can’t answer them. Someone just do it and you will see a much closer render to the actual car.

                      Still don’t believe me about the scoop? How about this: I just drew a picture of the side scoop area and I have taken a picture of my drawing next to today’s USA Today newspaper (which will show proof of today’s date). I will post that picture as proof after the car is revealed. That’s the best I can do to prove this to you. The renders have been fun, but if you want them to be far more accurate....someone draw what i have been stating for 3 weeks now. Click image for larger version  Name:	image_7124.jpg Views:	16 Size:	469.1 KB ID:	38728
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                        Extend scoop downward (green line). Remove the line i’ve highlighted in black. Then move the entire scoop back about half an inch ( the distance between the back of the scoop and the rear wheel arch is not nearly that long. Also, note the comment in the picture about the dual intake openings.
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	DF63E9F2-EFD5-4BFF-944A-BC589F25AC68.jpeg
Views:	1353
Size:	659.5 KB
ID:	38734
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                          Thanks for the input.

                          I did believe you and did add the Viper scoop as seen in several of the latest renders. I guess you are saying the scoop extends to to bottom of the sill? I will revise a version to show this and the secondary "brake cooling " scoop as suggested. I had shown this concept on older versions.

                          The CAD drawing suggests the scoo does not extend all the way down but may be an older CAD ?

                          Q: did you actually see the car or are you relaying info? Just curious.

                          Stand by for an updated image.


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                            extends to sill, yes (That is why my green line is only an extension. Notice, I have left the curve of your scoop alone).

                            As for old CADs and seeing the car, I will not confirm either way. You’ll have to trust me.


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                              I can live with that...

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	c8 side black top revised scoop copy.jpg Views:	0 Size:	489.4 KB ID:	38740