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C8 Render from 2017 I made (it was lost here on the forum)

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  • C8 Render from 2017 I made (it was lost here on the forum)

    Hello all,

    I was digging through my e-mail and saw a message that my render was lost. So here it is again. I actually dreamt of this car. And during lunch at work I banged it out. It's just a basic quick, very quick render.

    It features a 650hp 4.0L Twin-Turbo Intercooled Cross-plane V-8 with variable turbo boost and velocity stacks. All that with a 9500 rpm limit, to me at least, would make this a beast. Full carbonfiber tub and optimized topology (generative design) aluminum sub-frames and A-arms. The exhaust is a full titanium system 4-2. They all meet together in an X-formation to form a circle that points upward at about 45°. So, tunnel runs would be very pleasing =o). The active rear wing (not shown) tucks in above the holographic tail lamps ala Ferrari 'La Ferrari' style. Basically stylized glass housings with the tail light design etched inside that show a 3D-like holographic laser depiction of tail lights.The electric system is power cables only with all command information being sent wireless throughout the car to save weight.

    The Z06 version would have 750hp and use more carbon parts including connecting rods in the engine. The ZR-1 would have 1000hp, AWD via a performance electric motor in the front. And it will have full carbonfiber wheels and ceramic braking. And it will include active aero and full underbody diffuser and aerodynamics.

    There is also no gauge cluster or display of any kind in the car. It comes with a pair of mixed reality glasses with auto-tinting & the windscreen will be MR capable as well. So everything is displayed kinda like in the game Elite Dangerous with voice and gesture control. You'll see all kinds of data pointed out in 3D space. Navigation will project a real line out in front of you and tag up buildings or gas stations, road signs etc. It will also have a color-blind mode as well. There is also no key. Your biometric signature and thumbprint unlock and start the vehicle. The sensor also has an alcohol reader which will disable the vehicle and call an Uber or Lyft or cab, whatever you have programmed in. The center caps in the wheels are also OLED turn signals and running lights so we can eliminate those pesky eye-sore reflectors.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	C8-Corvette.jpg Views:	2 Size:	356.3 KB ID:	34067

    That's just the "Quick & Dirty".

    - Isaac
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    Nice work if you sketched it out that quickly, and what might you think the cost would be? Hummmnnnn
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      Originally posted by Frenzy36 View Post
      Nice work if you sketched it out that quickly, and what might you think the cost would be? Hummmnnnn

      Well, with all of my lofty goals, the Stingray would be about $70K. Considering the Alfa Romeo 4C is around 60G's and has a full carbon tub. I was thinking of electric power steering as well instead of a traditional fluid based system.


      Stringray - $70K (650hp, base model)
      Gransport - $85K (700hp, limited special interior, wheels, badging, unique bodywork that is not like the Z06, special lighting ect.)
      Z06 - $95K (750hp, special bodywork, wheels ect.)
      Z06-TR -$120K (750hp full on built track car - not road legal standard bodywork for a Z06 with carbon wheels and track tires x 4 sets)
      GT3 - $130K (800hp, mechanical AWD,kinda like how Porsche does their GT3's but this one would have track-like bodywork just not as pronounced)
      ZR1 - $150K (1000hp with 800 mechanical and 200 electric, AWD with front wheel electric, loads of extra goodies, custom ordered car. These wont be on the lots. Colors of everything will be picked by the customer, basically PTS paint and leather/alcantara ect.)
      GT3-R -$350K (WEC/ELMS/IMSA racecar)
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        Well if you can build it for that, it would be a bargain.
        Rocket City Florida- 2001 ZO6 - 2013 427 Vert - 2020 Stingray


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          Thank you SOLIDKREATE! We are glad you re-posted your earlier, very exciting image. Great ideas within it.

          Thanks again.
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