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GT350 (Voodoo) FPC vs. Traditional FPC V8

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  • GT350 (Voodoo) FPC vs. Traditional FPC V8

    I've seen a lot of concern on here with regards to the Voodoo engine and how that will effect the (albeit still rumored) LT6 5.5L FPC V8. You name it, there is a concern. NVH, vibrations, oil consumption, etc. etc. However, a main thing to consider is that the Voodoo is built inherently different from other FPC V8s. I'll demonstrate with photos:

    Ferrari F430 crankshaft. Notice the crankpins, in the UP DOWN DOWN UP orientation.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	F430 Crank.jpg Views:	1 Size:	41.3 KB ID:	322386

    Now lets look at the Honda S2000 crankshaft. You'll notice it has the same throws in the crankpin. If you're wondering why an I4, it's due to it having a FPC crank and revving to 9k rpm. I4 operate like 50% of a FPC V8.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	S2000 Crank.jpg Views:	1 Size:	136.9 KB ID:	322387

    Now lets take a look at the Voodoo crankshaft, in the GT350. Notice the difference? It's in an UP DOWN UP DOWN configuration.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Voodoo Crank.jpg Views:	1 Size:	64.6 KB ID:	322388
    It's unknown why Ford went this route, but a lot of rumors are due to the sound of the engine. Supposedly, the first Voodoo they made had a traditional UP DOWN DOWN UP configuration, and sounded just like a Ferrari 458 (a la LT6). However, it was thought that the Mustang purist would rebel against this "European / Exotic" sounding V8 (see some Z06 detractors). They decided to change the crankpins and change from two intake manifolds to one. I've read on some more tech oriented forums and sites that the Voodoos layout contributed more to it's vibration problems and possible its oil consumption. All that to say, with the LT6 being a more traditional crank layout, hopefully that mitigates some of those issues / concerns. What is humorous, is if the GT350 sounded more exotic, I probably would have kept mine!
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    P-Tree thank you for being smart and informed. And for explaining stuff that is normally not in my brain’s wheelhouse but is crystal clear as you posted it. Thank you!
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      P-Tree, thanks for sharing, good stuff.
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        Thank you for the interesting pictorial.

        i fully expect the corvette Z06 motor to be trouble free. GM has the most advanced engineering team in the indistry and that includes ferrari and porsche

        I think those that decide to modify the new z06 motor with forced induction will be disappointed as the engineers at GM did not plan for that specific powerplant to be forced induction.

        there is a reason GM durability is world class and its because they have a 300k mile durability process that is best in the industry.

        one of the reasons I love GM prodicts is their research and development process.

        GM management sets the goals and parameters and the engineers make it happen.

        GM now offers a 60k 5 year drivetrain warranty. Just follow the guidelines, understand the parameters and dont modify the motors outside of what the corvette team deemed to appropriate.

        stay within those guidelines and we will all have many uears of fabulous fun.

        just my opinion.

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          Bumping this as I'm seeing concerns with the LT6 and people comparing it to the Voodoo. Voodoo Traditional FPC


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            The only reason I brought it up was Ford was the first to go beyond the world accepted max capacity of 5.0 liters for a FPC. Now GM is going to 5.5, but appears they can get away with it through extremely short stroke and very light weight piston/rod assemblies. The mass of typical piston/rod assemblies in a motor this big would likely destroy itself. Not sure that crank pin placement has a great deal to do with reliability.


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              The more i've learned about the Voodoo, the more I think W T F was Ford thinking...

              Not to mention that the motor revs high, but stops making more power way before redline.
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                Big difference in the way they were designed……..

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                  Just after 1 year Ford stopped racing the voodoo engine because of rebuilding requirements were costly. Private teams weren’t going to be able to afford such cost. Ford went back to the coyote CPC engine instead. What does that tell you as a customer. Stay away from used GT350’s especially with over 20K miles. Look at carfax and you will find engine replacements on quite a few high mileage engines. Buyer beware.
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                    Originally posted by Phil1098 View Post
                    Not sure that crank pin placement has a great deal to do with reliability.
                    That's the defining factor between CPC and FPC. I think there is some merit to the fact that the Voodoo is the only FPC V8 to use a UDUD approach.

                    Originally posted by Meldoon View Post
                    Big difference in the way they were designed……..

                    Yep, whole point of this thread 😅


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                      Originally posted by P-Tree View Post
                      That's the defining factor between CPC and FPC. I think there is some merit to the fact that the Voodoo is the only FPC V8 to use a UDUD approach.
                      It's still a FPC, a cross plane crank has pins that are not 180 degrees across from each other. Now if the VooDoo was breaking cranks all the time, I guess I would say that maybe they would look at it, but that's not the case. BTW, I'm not a fan of the VooDoo engine in the least, to my ear it is one of the worst sounding V8s I've ever heard and I've been around bikes and cars for over 40 years.