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Corvette Today Podcast: TONS OF NEWS THIS WEEK

We've been doing Corvette news & headlines podcasts on CORVETTE TODAY since September 2020. I don't remember ever doing a news & headlines podcast with this much critical information packed into one podcast! This is a "must listen" to podcast. Here are a few of the topics covered in this episode....

1. Chevrolet confirms the introduction this Fall of the 2023 C8 Z06 with a new video release-and it sounds like a Ferrari
2. Corvette dominates sales in Q2 2021
3. Chevy dealerships have received their first 2022 C8 allocations
4. Callaway looks ahead to 2022 and the Callaway C8 Corvette
5. Right-hand drive C8 is revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK
6. New GT-3 spec C8.R expected in 2024
7. California will start failing cars with tuned ECU’s during smog checks
8. The National Corvette Museum delivers their 14,000th Corvette
9. A couple exchanges wedding vows before taking delivery of their C8 at the NCM
10. "Life in the Fast Lane" by The Eagles is a story of cocaine and a fast Corvette
11. Sigala Designs shows off a completed widebody kit for the C8
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“Rick Conti” Banned From MECF

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  • “Rick Conti” Banned From MECF

    There will be no more videos Rick ***** puts together. There will be no more quote of his rumors. We are done. This latest massive inaccuracy by him in which he said that BGA will be closed for two more weeks, not re-opening until mid or late June, was not just wrong but imo it was more of his wild speculation that did nothing more than to 100% incorrectly inspire fear and anxiety among all who are waiting for their C8.

    Specifically how come he and his work is now completely banned? Because after clearly saying the following on Sunday VLOG:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	664067B6-A0AC-47E1-8F1B-97C5CF36871C.jpeg Views:	16 Size:	194.2 KB ID:	276030 Click image for larger version  Name:	128C6724-6C94-449C-A65C-761B15B5E303.jpeg Views:	16 Size:	488.1 KB ID:	276031

    Tonight Rick came on the air in another of his vlogs and says he never said such a thing as shown above, and attacked those of us who interpreted what he said in the way we did (that BGA was shut down for two extra weeks). He said he was just joking with us.

    Every one of us makes mistakes but adults own up to them instead of now in this case his being angry as us for misinterpreting his words (and I guess his explicit screen prints too).

    But this is far from the first time he has shared as fact massively wrong news that created needless massive negative feelings. Remember two weeks before Christmas when he said that right after the first of the year that the 2nd shift at Bowling Green would be eliminated.

    That too was another 100% incorrect statement he presented as fact. That statement again added to fear of thousands waiting for their C8.

    We here at MECF of course occasionally mistakes, but never in a way to create needless fear. If we make a mistake, we own up to them.

    There will be no more mention here at MECF of, and not more linking to anything/everything Rick ***** says, does nor creates. If you on your own wish to find and/or follow him just go to YT and type in “ Rick ***** VLOG.” But do not bring anything of what you have listened to onto MECF.

    Unlike some forums, we value the YouTube community. There are great YT creators who add to our Corvette knowledge and our experiences. But a couple YT’s have now been permanently banned from this forum for repeat inaccuracies, but way worse than that and the consequences of them, but their failure imo to treat others with respect, integrity and honesty.

    Treating others with respect and integrity is our basic tenet at MECF and those who do not actively support and abide by our valves are no longer welcome here.
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    Good Riddance ... Unfortunately, Conspiracy Theories Sell better than the Truth
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      THAnks for minimizing fear mongering. Everyone makes mistakes so I wish this guy no ill will

      the guys waiting for their corvettes need to take one week at a time.

      I wish them well and personally believe the corvette many of us waited around 16 months for is well worth waiting for.

      Everyone should take a deep breath and (if the pandemic taught us anything) be grateful for good health. The car will be delivered to everyone who wants one as time goes on.

      this youtube thing is sort of built in general on sensationalism.

      When ever dealing with any youtube channel keep that in mind at least as a possibility.


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        To say he was just joking is very unprofessional. He knows what type of anxiety news like that causes and then not to own up to it and apologize is just wrong.


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          Its one thing to be a random youtuber spouting misinformation about Corvettes to gain views but this person sells Corvette's/cars for a living so there is a higher standard and respect we expected out of him. We come to Corvette forums to get facts and request help not read about produced lies to gain views for youtube channels. Thanks John for acting on this.


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            Never much cared for his "ramblings on" he won't be missed. After watching one or two of his ramblings, I stopped watching him. Thanks for keeping this forum on the straight and narrow! We certainly don't need any misleading comments now or ever.


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              Good call John. I can’t say that I’ll miss him. I appreciate his passion for Corvette but in my opinion, his primary passion is his sales numbers and how much he pockets. And he is just too dramatic all too often. I tolerated his video antics a year ago as he was indeed a source of information when we were all flying blind. But he should have owned this mistake instead of doubling down.
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                Originally posted by KOPBET View Post
                Good call John. I can’t say that I’ll miss him. I appreciate his passion for Corvette but in my opinion, his primary passion is his sales numbers and how much he pockets. And he is just too dramatic all too often. I tolerated his video antics a year ago as he was indeed a source of information when we were all flying blind. But he should have owned this mistake instead of doubling down.
                Agreed. He didn't own up to his mistake and instead claimed in his latest vlog that everyone took it out of context and that we weren't listening. ***?? He was crystal clear that his sources told him to prepare for 2 additional weeks of closures.

                Definitely not interested in watching his **** after this. Besides, like others have said; he's overly dramatic.
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                  Thank you for doing this, John.

                  You may want to consider banning Brink of Speed as well. He took the ***** baton and ran with it. Shameful, and not deserving of any mention in this fine forum.


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                    his last SPY video was stupid as well.


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                      I'm not defending Rick at all. I'm not a Fan, I have watch some of his videos in the past, but I normally skip past his rambling.. I think he delivered his message all wrong. He said it with conviction, like it was fact, "Be prepared for 2 more weeks of shutdown....." but put in a short blurb afterwards of "its not official, but as soon as we know more, we will let you know" What he should have said is this "I have sources that say, due to transmission supplier issues, there is a CHANCE the shutdown could last longer... This is just something I heard, and not confirmed, but as soon as I hear more detail, I'll let you know" That would have been CYA, with out spreading FUD. I did watch his 5 minute video from last night. I think he got way to defensive and aggressive. However, I never heard him say anything about what he said "He was joking". He obviously wasn't joking about it. He believes what he is saying.

                      However, what I'm wondering is, what is the transmission supplier issue? Is it just the parts? Or are they trying to "change something" that is confirmed to be a weak part in the DCT, to avoid future problems going forward? If they are changing something, then all vettes built going forward should be less problematic. My vette will be built the week it opens back up, so I don't mind waiting if I get a so called quote/unquote "Better DCT". But at the same time, would they even change something mid production? Does that mean a recall or "Field Service Action" for existing corvettes? Or am I just over thinking this, and it just the DCT supplier cannot keep up with demand?
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                        Originally posted by Dmraco View Post
                        his last SPY video was stupid as well.
                        He lost me after that dumb video where he pretended to be injured from the fake wreck if his new HTC C8.


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                          There are a lot of good honest people in the Corvette world who try their best to share accurate information,. We will not miss him in the slightest in fact be better off without.


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                            Thank you John, for doing the right thing!!
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                              Its a mystery to me why people just can't or won't tell the simple truth. Or correct themselves if they misspeak. Charlie aka cutnout