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Official Announcement of The C8’s 7.18.19 Reveal; Video of The C8’s Ride; C7 Production Ending This Year

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MidEngineCorvetteForum Traveling “Forum Flag” Program Created!

We just created our MECF traveling Forum Flag Program thanks to “Ripper!” Would YOU like to display our forum flag on your Corvette, become a member of this program? Thanks for looking at the thread, especially at FVS’ created Forum Flag.

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C8 Section Re-Organization, With Our New “Mid Engine Exterior/Interior Pictures, Videos and Renderings” Section

MECF members asked for our segregating pictures, renderings and videos into one area; looking ahead, that section will become our most viewed area once you get your C8’s. Pre-existing threads that fit are now being moved. Thank you for the suggestion!
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fvs new side HT convertible render

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  • fvs new side HT convertible render

    Just to give an idea of the vert look... not too shabby IMO.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	065B2DB2-A489-4325-9914-0632308A2C4B.jpeg
Views:	35
Size:	119.9 KB
ID:	30910Click image for larger version

Name:	07C10F02-7CFE-4E1E-9564-CDA99AFEBB1C.jpeg
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Size:	119.4 KB
ID:	30911

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    fvs, they look terrific. I take one in each color please. Thank yo very much for providing something exciting for our future HT convertible lovers/owners!
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    So many questions about the ME right now, but the answers are nicely, though slowly, coming out.

    Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. Our 2020 ME C8 Corvette is next.


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      FVS, thank you very much. Been a long time since we got an updated HT rendering. So nice!


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        Finally something to get my heart pumping again ....thanks Fvs I likey.


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          Thank fvs...awesome color and awesome design sketches..

          with the utmost respect toyou I might suggest its either the dash to axle ratio that needs to be extended a little or most probably its just the angle we are viewing it at...I could be wrong but i tend to think the front leading edge of the nose drops a little more. I know nothing of design and Im sure you know best. Im just trying to participate in a constructive manner in your future evolution of this fantastic product you have given us insight to.

          great work and I want one!


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            Originally posted by John View Post

            Click image for larger version Name:	4B962DAA-1E65-452D-91E4-89EF3A29C781.jpeg Views:	2 Size:	1.06 MB ID:	20929
            Check this longer dash to axle ratio view you did as well as the ever so slightly lower front edge of the nose...

            all of your sketches are fantastic so please fvs do not take this as anything more than a consverational aspect of your fone work.


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              It is very tempting to also get a HT convertible. Thank you FVS.


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                Is anyone familiar with a hard top convertible use on track????


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                  This pertains to my interest. Thanks again fvs.

                  I wonder what it would look like in Shadow Grey Metallic?


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                    Thank you fvs. GREAT!
                    Looking forward to our ME arriving.


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                      Bikerjulio, sorry I can only get closer, but not by much to your Shadow Gray request. Here’s the best I could.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	A029B377-53B6-491A-8DDE-C7770E39D8B0.jpeg
Views:	761
Size:	293.8 KB
ID:	25140Click image for larger version

Name:	2D1273CA-5673-42E1-AB43-98D239CD3AD1.jpeg
Views:	756
Size:	243.7 KB
ID:	25141


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                        Until now, I had my heart set on a coupe. Ahhh first world problems!


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                          Expect a price of at least $7500 for the retractable hardtop.

                          to be honest i dont mind lifting the targa off manually in fact I kind of like doing it and most of the warmer months i keep it off anyway...

                          as good as the retractable hardtop looks ill go for the targa...

                          keeps ke young.


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                            FVS -- Yes I'm in ! Vert for ME Absolutely stunning. I have been wondering why no renders of the Vert lately. I definitely want the Vert.
                            Rocket City Florida


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                              Originally posted by fvs View Post
                              Just to give an idea of the vert look... not too shabby IMO
                              That Color is Perfect also ! Thanks Again
                              Rocket City Florida