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Official Announcement of The C8’s 7.18.19 Reveal; Video of The C8’s Ride; C7 Production Ending This Year

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MidEngineCorvetteForum Traveling “Forum Flag” Program Created!

We just created our MECF traveling Forum Flag Program thanks to “Ripper!” Would YOU like to display our forum flag on your Corvette, become a member of this program? Thanks for looking at the thread, especially at FVS’ created Forum Flag.

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C8 Section Re-Organization, With Our New “Mid Engine Exterior/Interior Pictures, Videos and Renderings” Section

MECF members asked for our segregating pictures, renderings and videos into one area; looking ahead, that section will become our most viewed area once you get your C8’s. Pre-existing threads that fit are now being moved. Thank you for the suggestion!
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C8 Rendering Modeling Programs, Assumptions and Consequences

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  • C8 Rendering Modeling Programs, Assumptions and Consequences

    Beyond free hand incredible artistry, our talent renderers Chazcron, fvs and bdsvavars have both their innate abilities and the abilities to use sophisticated modeling tools. They are outstanding artists and additionally gifted in their computer skills, e.g. why their renderings have been so exciting, and when compared to the spy pictures through GIFs, have been so incredibly accurate in their work.

    However as with every program, it is based on assumptions and consequent parameters. Here is an excellent example of how Prospective vs Orthographic modeling views can result in small but important and visually discern-able differences.

    So with full commendations for all our renderers, here are interesting renderings and consequent discussion.

    Originally posted by Chazcron
    A few detail shots in first time Torch Red. I lit for the rear and spun the car for the front, so the lighting isn't as complimentary to the hood strakes. Oh, and my headlights blow up close.
    Originally posted by Chazcron

    Tom, it'll never be seen in ortho, and you are probably right about it being out too far, but I just can't bring myself to blunt the front end any further. FWIW, the renders line up pretty well in perspective. (But, yeah, probably too far out.) I guess time or leaks may tell.
    Note: Chazcron’s comment was in response to first the following picture, and second an earlier comment by Tom73 to the effect that he thought (and he is not alone) that the “nose” of C8 sticks out too much.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	D13D730E-1642-4F1B-8EF1-0DA1B1ACEA95.jpeg
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Size:	75.4 KB
ID:	30927Click image for larger version

Name:	EB575BDC-315A-425E-896F-0050AD634D69.jpeg
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Size:	77.6 KB
ID:	30928

    * Might we see a very slightly shorter ME nose in Chazcron’s upcoming renderings? Or would that depend on new information as he has suggested.

    *Your thoughts please as to ME’s “nose length.”

    * Separately, how do you like the C8 being Torch Red rendered?
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    So many questions about the ME right now, but the answers are nicely, though slowly, coming out.

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    I love all the renderings, I like the longer nose look myself but it does appear from looking at all of the spy shots the front end appears shorter. Personally I don't like the Torch Red Cars but love the deeper reds. The above render looks much darker than the torch red though. Could be my computer monitor though. Anyway fantastic work.
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      The rendering definitely looks gorgeous in the deeper red, so its not just your monitor, or maybe its mine to ? Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_3038.PNG Views:	0 Size:	253.2 KB ID:	24125
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      A thought if I might ...


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        I'm afraid the real thing may not live up to these renderings and kill our expectations. Not sure these renderings will help getting us to buy the car when it comes out. It may work the opposite.

        Once I went on a blind date, and before meeting her, she bombarded with her [photoshoped] pictures of herself. The night I met, I was very disappointed and turned off. Not because she didn't look good, but she set the wrong expectations in my mind. I bet if I had never seen those pictures, I'd have been more attracted to her when I met her.


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          I don’t know that the renders will hurt how we feel when we see the real thing as long as the real thing is attractive in its own right.
          I like the torch red more than the dark reds that I generally see. I also think these renders look off as to being torch red.
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            If one just keeps things in perspective, the renders are a wonderful panacea to the actual reveal. When GM squeezes the trigger on the ME and it's shown to the world, we are all going to be blown away. We will, no doubt, be searching for a plethora of ways to compliment it with all of the design and technological wonders that will, undoubtedly, be included on it. So many that the price will be momentarily secondary.


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              I've learned never to judge a car I haven't actually seen based on two dimensional images, whether they be renders or actual photos. When you see a photo of a car you are familiar with your mind fills in the depth and shapes you can't see in a 2D image. When you've never seen the car, your mind can't do that, and the actual car always ends up looking different.

              So I'm not too worried about how the renders look. They're interesting and fun, but I know they don't really represent how I'll see the car.
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                Most of the renderings haven’t made me want to buy a C8. So for me the renderings don’t matter at all. I’ll know when I see the real deal.


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                  Good point MikeC8. And for many, and that could include you, that even seeing it on a screen, seeing just pictures, will not do it. That was my experience in 2013 when, immediately after the C7’s reveal, I visited 10 Corvette clubs and made presentations on the car. At that time, when I would ask for hands to be raised, and about 30% said that they still did not like it.

                  I said, the number of you who change your mind after you have personally walked around the car, will drop significantly, my guess down to 10%. I heard lots of under they breathe, BS comments from every audience. Not six years later, when I go to Corvette events, folks still come up to me (and I truly do not recognize them because was often talking to groups averaging 50 in the audience), and say to me, “I thought you were full of it when you told me that after walking around a C7, I would change my mind and like it for I really disliked it then, but their now pointing to their C7 a couple of rows over, and proudly asking, “you want to come over and see my C7?” I always do, and listen to them brag and smile about how much they love their C7. And chuckle inside.

                  This is going to happen in spades for the C8, thought I will be that after pictures more than 30% will still not like it. It could well take two or three years for many to warm up to it. I also expect that more than a few Corvette owners will always dislike its looks. And that’s okay too.
                  So many questions about the ME right now, but the answers are nicely, though slowly, coming out.

                  Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. Our 2020 ME C8 Corvette is next.


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                    John when I said most .....That didn’t mean all renderings. There has been one rendering that I would buy.


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                      I wasn't in any of those clubs, but I wasn't all that impressed by the first photos of the C7. I didn't dislike it, but it didn't wow me.

                      Then, in the parking garage where I worked at the time, a red C7 coupe showed up. Seeing it in person, I was most definitely wowed.

                      Edit: just to be clear, I didn't actually work IN the parking garage.
                      SunKissed, my 2015 2LT, 7MT, Black over Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic, Stingray convertible (One of about 40)

                      Purchased 5/2/2015,
                      >31,000+ miles

                      Proud member of the Old Dominion Corvette Club. Check us out


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                        Same for me, when the C7 was revealed I thought it looked nice, but wasn't thrilled. When I saw the roadster at Laguna Seca in Aug 2013, that was a whole different experience. I had driven my good friends "green" C7 coupe, so I knew it was a fun car, but the roadster was the one for me.