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Corvette Today Podcast With Keith Cornett/“CorvetteBlogger”

Steve Garrett and Keith Cornett from combine once again to bring you the latest news and headlines in the world of Corvette! Some of the topics you'll hear about are:
1.  GM delivers 6,355 C8 Corvettes in the 3rd Quarter
2.  Callaway offers a 25th Anniversary Special Edition for C7 Z06
3.  2020 C8 Corvette named Car Of The Year by Popular Mechanics
4.  Chevrolet announces that C8 production extended thru the end of the year. 2021 production starts in December.
5.  EV Hybrid may replace the Grand Sport in the C8 lineup
6.  2022 C8 Z06 spied at Grattan Raceway with rear wing and newly exposed wheels
7.  Corvette Racing using 3D printed parts
8.  What the reveal of the C8 lineup tells us about the future of Corvette
9.  Guess what Batman’s daily driver is!
Be sure to check out this edition of CORVETTE TODAY!
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  • EarningMyC8Stripes

    Still fializing my MY21 build. I’m #200 on MacMulkin’s list so I have some time before my allocation is called. I’m taking another look at Shadow Matrix Gray but this time with stripes to break up the darkness of the SMG. So I’d love to get some feedback from those who have stripes on their C7’s and particularly C8’s as to their quality, durability, fading, etc.... Also, would the stripes go over the transparent top? And does having stripes have an affect on PPF and/or Ceramic Coat? Thanks!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	50FBA37B-0BE1-45F2-9372-B4A3C0601505.png Views:	0 Size:	5.38 MB ID:	199466 Click image for larger version  Name:	A9754ECE-E74A-4D6E-AE88-AEB84BE4032E.png Views:	0 Size:	5.20 MB ID:	199467

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    GM uses excellent material for its stripes. It is designed to last ten years (at least). Yes,the stripes go over a transparent top, which IMOis a little weird looking when you are inside the car and looking upward.
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      And that was a concern of mine....weird, indeed.


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        Not sure about the silver stripes looks. I have the carbon flash and the PPF actually makes them look shiny and shows off the metallic more in the sun. I also do not have the transparent roof but instead the carbon fiber roof and at first I absolutely was going to remove the stripes over the CF but it has grown on me and I think it actually does look pretty good. I have asked some friends and they also said I should leave them on.
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          Stripes sure Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1275_20201012192922.JPG
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Size:	3.41 MB
ID:	199493 Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0042_20201015171808.JPG
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Size:	4.74 MB
ID:	199494 helped make my build look great
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            Frenzy36, are your stripes under the ppf or over??


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              Originally posted by jlc41 View Post
              Frenzy36, are your stripes under the ppf or over??
              Under the PPF. You can see a very small transition from the stripe to the paint where there is a very very small air gap which adjusted itself from the height difference which you can see on the nose. Doesn't bother anything and looks fine. At least the PPF protects the stripes also.
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                GM also does a weird thing in striping carbon flash on the spoiler even if it’s painted carbon flash.....
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                  There are a couple of other threads on this subject here on MECF with some good comments/advise. I don't understand why GM does what they do with the stripes on see-through and same colored hardtops, but I will say they are consistent at it. I like the factory stripes (even more so since the extra colors have been added for '21.) I don't like them on see-through or same colored paint. My .02 worth.

                  There are other "after-market" stripes out there and there are also a number of arguments out there as to whether after-market or GM has the higher quality. Regardless which way you go, if you like what you get and want it to last, I say PPF OVER the stripes. There are arguments for/against this as well... although the only negative argument I really still hear with regularity is the "you can see an air gap alongside the stripe." My retort to that is "Who cares!" It's miniscule in size and on lighter colored cars (white, yellow, silver, gray) you have to really, really look to see it. Even on medium colored cars (zoom in tight on Frenzy's beautiful car above) it's hardly noticeable. PPF is getting more and more pliable and experienced pro's know how to get it down right (choose yours wisely... the low-dollar bid may not be your best choice). That PPF, depending on brand/quality, can add another 10 years or more (especially with ceramic coating over the PPF) to the 10 years that the top-quality stripes normally get.

                  And as usual, it all seems to come down to $$$$. GM stripes are usually more expensive (even after you pay for installation on aftermarket stripes). Pick your after-market company carefully... I will not mention any names here as the one I'd mention as a good outfit is NOT an MECF sponsor. (That's a shame too, since in my opinion that company and this forum would be a match made in heaven.) Suffice to say you want only the top line vinyl from the top line manufacturers. Plus, quality PPF with paint correction is expensive and ceramic coating can be "through the roof" expensive, ooooor less so, if you learn to apply it yourself. I have no personal experience with it (yet... I'm still using carnauba wax as my last Vette had no vinyl), but my buddies in the detail biz say the consumer available/applicable ceramic products are getting to be very, very good. One brand I frequently hear mentioned is Adam's, who are also Corvette Museum sponsors if I'm not mistaken.

                  Again, my .02


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                    Thanks for the replies gents.