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Welcome Ikon Performance As Our Featured Forum Vendor

We are extremely pleased to have the high quality firm of Ikon Performance join us with their C8 exhaust system being their lead C8 product. Ikon is at: Their C8 exhaust is bent, made of 304 stainless, with round exhaust tips and more.
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Corvette Today Podcast IS On Now With CorvetteBlogger and Steve Garrett

Steve Garrett and CorvetteBlogger Keith Cornett examine “Corvette Headlines & News” for mid-September 2020. Included in this episode are: The Corvette Visualizer for 2021 is now online; The National Corvette Museum raffles off the 1.75 millionth Corvette; Electric, all-wheel drive Corvette possibly coming out in 2023;Country Music star George Jones’ Corvette gets donated to the NCM;.....and more!Stay current on what's going on in the world of Corvette with this episode of CORVETTE TODAY!
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Morgan Crosbie Introduces HTC First To Arrive At His Dealership

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  • Morgan Crosbie Introduces HTC First To Arrive At His Dealership

    Thanks Morgan for this fun video. We look forward to your future three-parter on C8 “road tripping.”

    May your marriage last as many years as Corvettes have!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	10018B75-8023-4E1C-8325-45DD6E80768A.jpeg
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    GBA Black; HTO Twilight/Tension interior; Z51 & Mag Ride; E60 lift; 5VM visible carbon fiber package; 5ZZ high wing; FA5 interior vis CF; ZZ3 engine appearance; 3LT; Q8T Spectra Gray Tridents; J6N Edge Red Calipers; SNG Edge Red Hashmarks; VQK Splash Guards; RCC Edge Red engine cover; VJR illuminated sill plates. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 22 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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    That’s a nice video Morgan , thanks for posting it here John ...
    A thought if I might ...


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      That RB with black roof configuration looks incredible!


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        Gorgeous convertible.


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          Thanks John and Morgan. That's the first real look at what we ordered. Gorgeous!
          Formerly Arctic Stingray (No sense having this username anymore since I haven't had my arctic in 15 years 🤣)
          Rapid Blue 3LT, HTC, Z51, HTO, D84, E60, FE4, J6F, ZYC.


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            Ordered Coupe, but Love the HTC too! Reminds me of my Uncle’s Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner, he use to own like pic below😊
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              Nice video.

              Did anyone notice his hair is basically touching the headliner? Wonder how tall he is??

              My son is almost 6'9", so from this video it does not look like my son would be very comfortable in an HTC...