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LT2’s Increase Power Compared to the LT1: “More Sting To The Stingray”

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  • LT2’s Increase Power Compared to the LT1: “More Sting To The Stingray”

    Thanks to Don Sherman for more of his powertrain knowledge and expertise. Thanks to Automotive Engineering for these articles out of their Nov.Dec, 2019 issue. Thank you Fasttoys for finding and sharing this article.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	E6D40694-2CCB-45A6-8434-9EE7C49B4800.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	939.3 KB ID:	88601

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    Fantastic read and great info to know. Thanks
    Rocket City Florida


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      That was a very informative and interesting read.

      thanks for posting that article up.
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        Great read, thanks!
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          On the first page it describes the bore as both 4.40 inches and as 4.065. The miraculous variable displacement engine? Other than that, very interesting article.

          EDIT: I missed a word when I read the article. The first number refers to bore centers, not bore. My bad.
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            I'm new to the forum & WOW so many great articles -- it'll take a while to lap them all up, but time well spent while waiting for my black beauty!

            With all the technology in this baby, I wouldn't be surprised with a variable displacement engine!

            But, alas, the 4.40 is the spacing between the bore centrelines which gives us 4.400 - 4.065 = 0.335" of meat between the cyls.
            Withing the next couple of years, I wonder who will get that dimension shaved down the most -- overbore'ing the cyls, racing, etc. -- fun, fun, fun!
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