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Corvette Today Podcast: Headlines and News!

Your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, and Keith Cornett from give you the lowdown on what’s going on in the world of Corvette!; Here are a few of today’s headlines:
1.The Bowling Green Assembly Plant has a rare Saturday shift, 1,036 C8 Corvettes were built last week, sets single day C8 record.
2.Bowling Green auto workers reject contract, strike authorized
3.Chevrolet pulls Engine Appearance Package and High Wing option from C8 orders
4.Chevrolet confirms to dealers that 2023 production starts
5.GM warns dealers about selling over MRSP for upcoming Z06’s
6. 70th Anniversary Details Leaked on the online Corvette Visualizer
7. Chevrolet to offer 1st retail C8 Z06 for charitable auction at Barrett Jackson
8. The #3 Cunningham Corvette of Lance Miller's has been sold!
9. New official C8 Z06 video comes out from Chevrolet called “The World”
Stay on top of everything Corvette with this week’s CORVETTE TODAY News & Headlines Podcast!
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Official Z06 Press Release, Reveal Pictures and Visualizer Access

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C8 Using Launch Control VIDEO

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  • C8 Using Launch Control VIDEO

    ​​​​Admin Update: Video removed for the reason that the the first four minutes is not in keeping with the forum’s standards. We do thank Jljordan922 for bringing it to our attention, and also great thanks to CorvetteBlogger, please jump to post # 11 where the only 9 seconds of valve of the 4+ minute video is contained. Thank you. John

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    Thank You Jjordan. Nice to wake up to


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      Take a guess...what rpm did the computer set for the best launch...

      sounded like 3500 ?

      that rapid blue is the scourge of two seat sports cars this year especially..

      lotus just showed its 416 hp rear mid engine evora 410 in that color on youtube..

      porsche just showed its cayman gt4 with 414 hp in that rapid blue color...

      all with by the way black rims with I believe black or polished lips on the wheels...

      i admire the rapid blue color a lot although I wont be choosing it for myself...

      im tossing white which is quite attractive and torch red which is an iconic color of corvettes..

      ive done black corvettes for the past 12 years and although always stylish and contemporary its time for me to change it up...


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        Tanks. Luv it. It does three gear changes crossing the intersection. This will be quick to 100MPH too.
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          Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears the pavement was damp. So we're not even seeing the best the car is capable of.


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            Originally posted by Klinn View Post
            Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears the pavement was damp. So we're not even seeing the best the car is capable of.
            I thought so looks damp


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              Too bad -- maybe the employee testing the car was worried about getting in trouble for an "exhibition of speed"?


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                So yeah Chevy Dude on Youtube bought the video and posted it to his Vlog so it's back up....4 minute mark....i updated the link


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                  Originally posted by John
                  The rest of this video is typical author self promotion and irrelevance
                  I'm guessing he has a really big mirror at home that he looks at longingly every day.


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                    Originally posted by John
                    The rest of this video is typical author self promotion and irrelevance to our C8’s IMO. At least one other forum has removed his videos; we are getting real close to banning them here.
                    Yeah the original video I found was good and only 9 seconds long......and then he bought it and made it 4 minutes lmao


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                      Thanks to Corvette Nut, we can watch the 8 second video here:


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                        I don't believe that's launch control in use. Car is doing a fast idle, then driver clicks into first and floors it. Not how launch controlled start sounds.

                        I've listened a few more times, and also compared to the launch control in my Golf R.

                        So I'm not 100% sure. Reason I'm doubtful is that the idle does not sound high enough. I'd expect the C8 to launch in the 3000 rpm range (Golf launches at 4000 rpm).

                        Or perhaps it was launch control in use but the driver didn't go to the full rpm when on the brake.
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