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1/4 mile estimates/guesses?

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    Originally posted by Jljordann922 View Post
    Wondering what you guys think the 1/4 mile time on this car will be....completely stock. I know the 0-60 is impressive but what do you think happens after that? 60-100 and so on....Will it continue to light up the road or fall off?

    I don't think you can really make up for the lack of Hp compared to a C7 Z06 since the weight wont be drastically lighter, so despite a similar 0-60, I'm just curious what you think happens after that.

    I estimate an 11.1 or 11.2 at its best with all favorable factors at say Atco dragstrip. Maybe 124mph trap which would be an improvement over the last C7 Stingray.

    My previous C7 Z06 ran a 10.62 @131.5 at Atco on stock tires....Had a Halltech intake and Corsa Exhaust.
    I think you are right. The new tranny ratio's will help the 0-60 thus cannot help but help with the 1/4 mile. But the story remains power to weight.
    We had 3200 pounds and under with 505 hp before with the C6 Z06. That car will be boss on rolling runs 60 -130 over the C8 but the C8 with get out of the hole quicker.
    I have both models of Z06's the A8 it is faster out of the hole but the M7 with proper driving will take the A8 with the same power level during the 60-130 runs. I think mid 11's for the C8.
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      9/10s of a second improvement for every shift through the quarter mile over a manual transmission for most of us driving with the dct. The launch out of the hole and the 60 ft times are staggering improvements as well with a dct.

      i would also imagine with 8 forward gears the gearing will be tight in the first six gears for a rapid run to 130 mph theough the quarter mile as well.

      take into account the rear weight bias of 60 rear forty up front and we do have the makings of a vehicle that should do better in the car magazine testing than 11.5 @ 127.5 mph..

      roll ons with the dct should also be impressive considering how quickly the dct can shift..

      add in the consistency of a dct and we are pretty lucky...

      zero to sixty in under 3 seconds really shortens up that sixty foot time as well as the 1000 ft and 1/8th of mile time...

      i feel confident the quarter mile time and trap speed will be impressive. None of is are really buying a corvette for drag times yet this corvette z51 lays waste to quite a few much more powerful muscle cars from detroit in the zero to sixty time.l.

      should be a blast as most of us do run to sixty mph quite often on the street....roll ons from 40 to whatever On the highways should be quite impressive too.....

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        The A8 in the Z06 does 2.95 0-60. 10.95 1/4 mile C8 will be somewhere slower.


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          Originally posted by JB View Post
          For 99 percent of us ...a sub 3 second zero to 60 times really is quick enough.
          Having experienced a sub 3 seconds 0-60 (My previous 2014 GT-R) I can affirm that it is very brisk. And for people who are not used to speed, it is mind blowing for them.
          "You're going to want to put your head back against the seat."
          "I'm being serious."