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C8 Stingray Lap Times Are Not Yet Available

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  • C8 Stingray Lap Times Are Not Yet Available

    Sorry not yet, but GM has some numbers in their back pocket to later share with us. Thanks to MotorAuthority for this (and more at the link but again not one time, yet).

    Originally posted by MotorTrend
    The switch from the front-mid-engine to a pure mid-engine design is about both track times and feel behind the wheel. So said both GM President Mark Reuss and Corvette Chief Engineer and Vehicle Line Director Tadge Juechter at the reveal of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette last Thursday.
    When I asked if Chevy was chasing lap times or feel with the changeover to the mid-engine design, both men responded with similar answers.

    “The track times are the result of doing the car right and the gearing right and the refinement right. So if you get the car control right, the damping, the steering, you know the times come. So that’s what we’re focused on,” said Reuss.

    “We were chasing all-around performance, so both track performance, straight-line performance and the driving experience, all of it, and we got all of it,” enthused Juechter.

    So what about those lap times? What tracks and when might we see the results? In his presentation, Reuss shared that the Corvette team had tested at three familiar tracks: the Nürburgring, Virginia International Raceway, and the handling course at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds.

    Reuss later also noted that the team had just been at the Nürburgring the week before the car’s reveal for thermal testing and to further refine calibrations. Reuss said the team wasn’t “doing times so much,” but Juechter indicated that a number may be announced by Chevrolet down the road.

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    I sure hope the numbers at the ring are announced. If not there will be criticism from some. I did see a posted video of the C8 with a stop clock in the foreground with 9 minutes plus.. I am sure this was not an attempt to have the time even clocked by GM, but by someone, POSSIBLY, with ill will and or intent.


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      Do the math fellas!